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From: Honolulu, USA
My face has cleared up to a lovely complexion after completing a 2 week course with the Delta Laser’s Aesthetic terminal for my acne. The texture of my skin feels softer and the skin tone has evened. I also noticed that the treatment caused pimples to surface into a white head, and one to two days after the pimples surfaced, the pimples were reduced to nothing with no scarring. Something I also noticed is that my skin is not as oily as it was before starting the treatments.

Allergic Rhinitis

From: Miami, USA
I can honestly say that after living with daily occurrences of hay fever, allergic rhinitis, for 6 years I am truly appreciative of coMra-Therapy with its non-invasive and safe approach to an effective relief of allergies. Now, I live a life where I can smell the world again, taste my food better, have more restful nights where I use my nose and not my mouth to breath. And if ever I begin to experience symptoms of hay fever, I just whip out my Delta Laser and do a mini course until I am back to normal, which now takes anywhere from one to five days.

Arthritis Hand

From: Medellín, Colombia
I have arthritis of the hands and it pains me in more ways than one as I love to play the piano. I wasn’t able to play due to the pain and stiffness of my hands and fingers. Ever since my son introduced me to the Delta Laser I decided to use it to alleviate my discomfort. I began with Traumatology 8 back in December, 2010. My hands are feeling much better now. The pain in my hands and fingers is gone and I have much better movement.

Back Pain

From: Bulgaria
Female, 42 years old, with acute back pain and numbness in the right foot – discopathy with radiculopathy. After the seventh treatment the complaints ceased and normal movements of the waist were restored.

Barotitis Media

From: Honolulu, USA
Since I am a certified scuba diver, I spend a lot of time in the water. On one of my outings I noticed tremendous pain in my left ear after the scuba dive. After the first treatment, the condition worsened. Upon waking up the next day, I noticed less pain in the ear. By the third day and third treatment the pain had significantly weakened. And by day four I had fully recovered.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

From: Parma, Italy
Some time ago I started waking up at night with a feeling of numbness in my right hand. In the following weeks this occurred more frequently, also in the daytime, and the sensation went from tingling to actual pain in the hand and wrist, sometimes extending to the elbow, to a point that I had to stay off work. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, but as that did not solve the problem, I was told that only surgery could. Luckily my friend had bought a Laser Delta a few weeks earlier for family use, and she showed me that in the User Guide there’s a treatment exactly for painful wrist. I decided to give it a try, after all I had nothing to lose, since there are no side-effects with this device, and I wasn’t looking forward to having surgery! I followed very seriously the recommended course, twice daily for 10 days, without missing one single treatment, and by the end of the 10 days my wrist was in perfect condition, all the pain had disappeared! Although it was recommended to follow with further courses after 3 weeks rest, there was no need, because the condition did not come back, and still hasn’t after several months.

Chronic Musculoskeletal Problems

From: Czech Republic
Chronic musculoskeletal problems are prevalent among professional footballers and the treatment is difficult, often without significant results. In June 2011 I applied coMra-Therapy to eight professional footballers with a variety of recurrent musculoskeletal problems, for the duration of 14 days. For all athletes, I noticed a significant improvement in their condition and reduction or complete disappearance of the symptoms of their chronic problems.

Cold Sores

From: Miami, USA
Having to deal with cold sores since an early age, has been very difficult. Normally, I would experience outbreaks every two months, these lasted up to 7-8 days. After I began using the Delta Laser, I did 2 courses of the UNI 6 treatment, with 2-3 weeks rest in between, and I soon realized that 6 months had passed and I had not endured an outbreak! I am now so relieved!! Thanks coMra!

Diabetes (Type 2)

From: York, United Kingdom
I have been using my Delta Laser now since it arrived last Friday, I started my diabetes course immediately and can already feel better. Firstly my head is much clearer when I wake up in the morning, my energy levels have been put to the test this weekend and I am much more able to cope. I am also treating the pain in my back, which was worrying because it had been persistent for weeks and felt very much like it was a nasty internal problem, the pain has virtually disappeared! Update: Since completing my first course for diabetes with my Delta Laser, the improvement has been quite stunning. I have increased energy, I sleep better and have fewer trips to the loo at night. I don’t wake up with a splitting headache most days.


From: South Africa
I treated a man of 92 years for Depression. After less than 2 weeks he reported that not only had his depression disappeared, but his urinary problems had also vanished.

Ear Ache

From: Julio, U.S.A
We used the Delta for my son’s ear infection. During the course of treatments his fever, and all other symptoms, cleared up. We are eternally grateful for the Delta treating and alleviating his sufferings, it’s probably the best thing anyone can invest in.


From: Knysna, South Africa
The night I had my first nervous breakdown was the start of my erratic health condition. For three months I struggled to keep sane between constant hot and cold flushes; uncontrollable shaking; heart palpitations; intense pain in all limbs; headaches; sinusitis; nausea; stomach cramps; kidney pain and insomnia. I was diagnosed with kidney failure, severe arthritis, brucellosis, low immune, poor nervous system and heart failure. Fearing the worst I visited a cardiologist. Following a series of tests the results concluded I had Fibromyalgia, aka Emotional Stress Overload. Fibromyalgia is a chemical imbalance in the brain resulting in extreme low pain threshold and heightened sensitivity. It can affect bones, nervous system, all internal organs and the head. When an organ signals it has a problem the body reacts accordingly. However due to an emotional blockage the message is actually incorrect – there is no problem with the physical body. Sounded like a broken telephone to me. Only difference was this wasn’t a game, it was my life. As there is no known medical cure for fibromyalgia, the cardiologist suggested I look at alternate and holistic healing techniques. Immediately after my session of using coMra Delta Therapy I felt the pain subside from the areas where the machine had been focused. For the first time in two months I could walk upright. I continued to use coMra Delta Therapy for a period of four weeks, all the while feeling slowly better, stronger and healthier. In conjunction with coMra Delta Therapy I rested well, drank plenty of purified water and ate mainly fresh fruit and vegetables. I recommend the coMra Delta Therapy to all who have not yet tried it.

Golfer’s Elbow

From: South Africa
The pain disappeared during the course of one treatment.

Hip and Knee Pain

From: South Africa
My 89 year-old neighbour developed severe hip pain as a result of a fall. Then her knee started to give her pain, through trying to compensate. I lent her my Delta, and she was thrilled to report an immense improvement within 24 hours.


From: Toronto, Canada
I could not sleep for two months, I dreaded evenings. I walked in the city for hours in a row, for I could not sleep, it was brutal. The Delta laser resolved this condition for me after three weeks of treating myself twice a day, following the Universal 5 recommended treatment from the User Guide. Thank you. 🙂

Joint Pain

From: Denise, Canada
About two months ago I noticed my large toe was enlarged and hurting. I tried icing it, working on the calluses, being sure to wear comfortable shoes when I went walking etc., basically I just put up with the hurt. I used the Delta and now have JOY and RELIEF! No more pain or soreness.

Joint Problems

From: England
A client had a problem with her knee. I used it on her knee on a regular basis, and that has helped her to avoid surgery. They wanted to open it up and see what the problem was. We did a regular treatment with the Delta laser, and that has been really successful, and she now doesn’t have to have surgery any more.

Knee Pain and Swelling

From: Forlimpopoli, Italy
I am 81 and I like to walk, to go on my bicycle to the center of the village and do my shopping. I love my little garden, where I cultivate vegetables and flowers. Some months ago I had surgery in my knee – meniscus – and for a long time I could not do my things. Furthermore the knee did not heal well, it was painful, swollen, and a liquid was produced. I decided to try this device called Delta, because I thought it was a beautiful technology and I saw it was easy, even at my age, to use it. It felt good that I was able to handle my own problem by myself. I did a treatment for 15 days, twice daily. No more pain, no more swelling, and here I go with my bike again. I helped my neighbour too (she had the same problem) and I felt useful again.

Motorcycle Injury

From: Korea
Man injured his leg in a motorcycle accident. He could not walk and had to wear a soft full leg cast.
I mean at the time I first started treatment was a few days after the accident. There was a lot of bruising, a lot of swelling, I couldn’t bend my knee, I had a lot of pain. And after 5 or 6 days of treatment I was able to bend my leg completely, the swelling was completely gone, the pain was almost completely gone and the bruising healed really quickly. It’s shocking and amazing how quickly this healed. I thought this was going to be long term injury. And 2 weeks later I’m almost back at 100%.

Oral Herpes

From: Budapest, Hungary
I got a Herpes outbreak on both upper and lower lips and started to treat it with the Medical Terminal at 50 Hz and 1000 Hz, 2 minutes per sore. I also applied a treatment with the Probe Terminal set at 1000 Hz, pointing directly at the sores for 2 minutes per sore. I did this treatment twice, once in the morning and once during the evening on the day of the outbreak. I followed on with one more set of treatments the next morning. There was no more need for additional treatments after this, since all itching and pain disappeared and the sores started to heal quickly. The third day there was no more discomfort and on the fourth day my lips came back to normal. Without the Delta treatments such a healing would have taken at least a week.

Plantar Warts

From: Canada
A podiatrist had tried everything but surgery to rid my big toe of 5 warts, so I decided to try the Delta technology on it. After using the Delta the warts are completely gone. Even the podiatrist said so! This saved me several hundred dollars in up front costs and a week of being off work to do the surgery – a good result. Now I’m ready to try the Delta laser on some more serious health issues.


From: Ukraine
I had a limitation in everything – suffering from it for more than 12 years. My knees were aching, but when it started to reach the shoulder of my right hand – the result was limited movement accompanied by pain through till the finger tips, which literally made me go crazy.
After one week of treatments with the Delta I can raise my hand forward and up, return it back and to the side. I can now dress myself without my husband’s help. I can do practically everything at home! I am simply happy!


From: Volos, Greece
Concerning the Delta, I treat myself since I bought it last year and the results are remarkable. I am healed about 70% of my skin infection and about 90% of my nails infection. For my skin I am using the treatment DERMATOLOGY 1 in combination with UNIVERSAL 3, (blood).

Raynaud’s Syndrome

From: South Africa
My husband had immediate relief on his right hand yesterday with the Raynaud’s. We only did the one hand as obviously, we are experimenting. It was visible to me as well – his Raynauds is so bad that his fingers are mostly blue. Four of his fingers on his right hand were normal yesterday and he says he has easier movement in them as well.
Very interesting and very, very exciting.

Reconstructive Knee Surgery

From: Miami, United States
I am a Full Contact fighter who underwent a reconstructive knee surgery on my ACL due to a direct kick to my knee while competing. During a match my leg was in the air and my foot was pinned on the opponent’s hip as the direct kick occurred, which caused my ACL to tear. I underwent an ACL reconstruction with allograft (cadaver ligament) and excision of loose bodies in the knee. After the surgery my knee was very stiff and swollen. I felt that coMra-Therapy definitely accelerated my gains in range of motion and also helped with general healing, as well as with the pain and constant throbbing and tightness of the joint complex. I felt as though the therapy was able to alleviate a lot of the pressure and speed the natural recovery process.


From: Athens, Greece
I suffered ever since I was10 from rhinitis. When I was 58 years old the Delta came into my life and also a way of curing myself with it. I started my treatments, and at the end of three cycles I was cured. I was so enthusiastic that of course I went on using my Delta for all my other problems that appeared, consulting the User Guide first, and asking for help from the representative here in Athens if something was not clear. Slowly I started feeling what to do even before opening the Guide.

Skin Complaints

From: England
I have a client who had Dermographia. We did some treatments with the Delta laser, and we managed to cure that problem completely. She has had it for over 10 years, and she tried every treatment she could possibly do, and nothing worked. And with a course of 10 treatments we were able to remove that problem, and now the person leads a normal life. It’s been a real, real big success.

Tinea Cruris

From: South Africa
My husband suffers from Tinea cruris, and it flared up with the recent heat. He used the Delta on it on Sunday morning. The itching stopped immediately. He treated it again in the evening. The flare up has gone and itching has not returned.
If you knew the history of this type of infection, coupled with the heat we are having, this is unheard of!

Torn Knee Ligaments

From: South Africa
I dislocated my knee in a rugby game. My ACL, PCL and MCL ligaments were completely torn through and the Meniscus Cartilage was torn all the way around. I was seriously worried if I would ever be able to walk properly again let alone keep fit. The surgeon said that it was the worst case of its type that he had ever seen, and the doctor on the scene of the injury told me that I would probably only see a significant improvement after seven months.

After an operation to attach the ligaments to my knee with metal screws, I started using the Delta as well as a disciplined physio routine. Throughout I was amazed to find that I had virtually no pain. My physio was also very impressed, and after only five months I am walking and cycling normally with very little discomfort.


From: Edmonton, Canada
Had a motorcycle accident on 9 July, 2012, hurt my left knee, right forearm right upper arm and my right side torso. My left knee was swollen and bruised and I could not straighten it out, my right forearm was also swollen and bruised with the bruising encompassing almost the entire arm, my right upper arm stiffened up the day after the accident and I could not put it over my head. I had difficulty sleeping because of the pulled muscle in my right torso and my right upper arm. I had to try to sleep on my left side the first night with the pain waking me up whenever I moved. I did a treatment with the Delta the following day and after one treatment I had the full range of motion back in my right arm. I also was able to sleep through the night following the first treatment and slept soundly through the night after the second day of treatment. Now my knee only “twinges” if I accidentally pull it to the side (example: getting into the car), the swelling and bruising are gone and full range of motion is back. The bruise on my right forearm which encompassed almost the whole thing is now almost completely gone. It dissipated much more quickly than my left knee which did not receive treatment immediately. And the right torso pain is now localised whereas before it was generalised and there is no bruising, the intensity of the pain is decreased and I am able to sleep through the night. Started treatment July 10, 2012 finished treatment July 24, 2012


From: Bergamo, Italy
Varicose veins in my legs are an old problem for me, but I have managed to keep them under control with the Delta Laser, thus avoiding so far the need for an operation. A particularly sensitive area is just under the back of my left knee, where now and then I feel sharp pins and needles in the vein. I use the Delta Laser (Surgery 7) for 15 days and usually I experience nearly immediate relief within a matter of days. But I continue the treatment till the end as indicated on the User’s Guide, because I understand that the effect of coMra-Therapy is cumulative.


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