Special Offer On The coMra Palm – Drug Free Pain Relief Therapy

coMra therapy has been helping thousands of people the world over
– treating pain without drugs using an effective non-invasive device.

Get the coMra Palm for just R5 950
plus the coMra Wave Cell valued at R450 absolutely free!

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For a limited time – we’re offering you our entry level device, the coMra Palm at just R5 950. The coMra Palm combines laser, magnetism and colour radiance to:

  • Provide pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Stimulate regeneration of cells, including stem cells
  • Support metabolic functions for tissue repair and faster healing.

The coMra Wave Cell attaches to your cell phone and helps protect against harmful electro-magnetic radiation.

coMra Testimonials

* Results may vary from person to person.


From: Korea
It’s shocking and amazing how quickly my motorcycle accident injuries healed. I thought this was going to be long term injury and 2 weeks later I’m almost back at 100%.

Ear Infection

From: USA
We used the Delta for my son’s ear infection. During the course of treatments his fever, and all other symptoms, cleared up.

Dislocated Knee

From: South Africa
I dislocated my knee in a rugby game. I was seriously worried if I would ever be able to walk properly again let alone keep fit. The surgeon said I would probably only see a significant improvement after seven months. After an operation to attach the ligaments to my knee with metal screws, I started using the Delta as well as a disciplined physio routine. Throughout I was amazed to find that I had virtually no pain. My physio was also very impressed, and after only five months I am walking and cycling normally with very little discomfort.

Allergic Rhinitis

From: South Africa
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a nervous breakdown and suffered from constant hot and cold flushes; uncontrollable shaking; heart palpitations; intense pain in all limbs; headaches; sinusitis; nausea; stomach cramps; kidney pain and insomnia. As there is no known medical cure for fibromyalgia, the cardiologist suggested I look at alternate and holistic healing techniques. Immediately after my session of using coMra Delta Therapy I felt the pain subside from the areas where the machine had been focused. For the first time in two months I could walk upright. I continued to use coMra Delta Therapy for a period of four weeks, all the while feeling slowly better, stronger and healthier.

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