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coMra Testimonials

* Results may vary from person to person.


From: South Africa
My 89 year-old neighbour developed severe hip pain as a result of a fall. Then her knee started to give her pain, through trying to compensate. I lent her my Delta, and she was thrilled to report an immense improvement within 24 hours.


From: York, United Kingdom
I have been using my Delta Laser now since it arrived last Friday, I started my diabetes course immediately and can already feel better. Firstly my head is much clearer when I wake up in the morning, my energy levels have been put to the test this weekend and I am much more able to cope. I am also treating the pain in my back, which was worrying because it had been persistent for weeks and felt very much like it was a nasty internal problem, the pain has virtually disappeared! Update: Since completing my first course for diabetes with my Delta Laser, the improvement has been quite stunning. I have increased energy, I sleep better and have fewer trips to the loo at night. I don’t wake up with a splitting headache most days.


From: Bulgaria
Female, 42 years old, with acute back pain and numbness in the right foot – discopathy with radiculopathy. After the seventh treatment the complaints ceased and normal movements of the waist were restored.


From: Medellín, Colombia

I have arthritis of the hands and it pains me in more ways than one as I love to play the piano. I wasn’t able to play due to the pain and stiffness of my hands and fingers. Ever since my son introduced me to the Delta Laser I decided to use it to alleviate my discomfort. I began with Traumatology 8 back in December, 2010. My hands are feeling much better now. The pain in my hands and fingers is gone and I have much better movement.


From: Korea

Man injured his leg in a motorcycle accident. He could not walk and had to wear a soft full leg cast. I mean at the time I first started treatment was a few days after the accident. There was a lot of bruising, a lot of swelling, I couldn’t bend my knee, I had a lot of pain. And after 5 or 6 days of treatment I was able to bend my leg completely, the swelling was completely gone, the pain was almost completely gone and the bruising healed really quickly. It’s shocking and amazing how quickly this healed. I thought this was going to be long term injury. And 2 weeks later I’m almost back at 100%.

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