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A safe, non-toxic and non-invasive solution to serious pain, chronic illness and cellular regeneration

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coMra successfully combines the strengths of four separate healing modalities:

Low-level (or cold) laser technology
Different wavelengths of colour
Magnetism and Low-intensity ultrasound

Individually, all of these therapies have shown beneficial effects on cell regeneration, inflammation, pain relief and immunity to disease, in cases with very different underlying pathologies. When these modalities are combined, their individual effects are multiplied and they provide a wider range of therapeutic benefits.


Main Therapeutic Actions Include:

Stimulation of cellular regeneration

Analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects

Stimulation of stem cells for regeneration, extending from muscles to organs

Enhancement of lymphatic system, assisting with detoxification

Actions are neuroprotective, as well as helping to regenerate nerves

The coMra Delta adds ultrasound to the mix of coherent radiances (laser, magnetism and coloured light) for more efficient treatment. The Delta 905 is often used by professionals where less frequent treatments are possible, and home users with chronic conditions that require longer term, or more frequent treatment.

There are over 200 conditions listed in the free downloadable coMra user guide.

The Delta 905 and 980 come in a handy carry case and use ultrasound to augment the laser. The 905 has a shorter wavelength laser that allows the energy to pass more easily into deeper tissues and is often used by professionals to treat specific conditions more intensively.


comra delta go

980 Delta Go

The Delta GO
Used for treating such varying conditions as injuries, arthritis, and most chronic conditions. The Delta GO comes in a handy carry case which can hold up to two additional terminals from the selection below.
980 Delta Multi Set

980 Delta Multi Set

The Delta Handset and 3 terminals:

  • Medical Terminal
  • Aesthetic Terminal with enhanced Ultrasound
  • Probe Terminal with Normal and Extended Sheaths

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Google Reviews

I’ve been using the 905 Delta extensively for over the last few years. One word to describe it – INCREDIBLE! I’ve used it myself for overall health (using it systemically), for tight or pulled muscles, sinusitis, and on others for injuries and even fighting chronic diseases like diabetes. The results are uncanny. Thanks so much to the Radiant Life Technologies Team for putting together such amazing product line and course. We continue to be grateful for all that you’ve done.

Nick DiMatteo

“I was first introduced to the CoMra Delta 980 unit several years ago at an International Light Association meeting. Periodically, for many years I would experience recurring bouts of pain in my right kidney and I was experiencing greater than moderate pain. I spotted the Radiant Life Technology booth and asked Garrett Murrin if their product could provide some relief. Ten minutes later my pain was significantly diminished and completely resolved by the next morning. I repeated the treatments for the next three days. The pain has yet to return and I am thankful for that.”

Ronald Weingart

“The delta is one of the best devices I could have bought for my practice. The majority of my patients are athletes and the results are fascinating. It has saved many of them from having surgery and the recovery from an injury of any kind has been remarkable. My patients with arthritis have no more pain or aches and can do things they never thought they would be able to do again. Animals who have broken bones, UTI’s, ear infections or difficulty moving around are healed and rejuvenated in a matter of days. I have used it on a vineyard where the grapes were not producing and with a couple of laser treatments it flourished. The delta is a remarkable product and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Janeen Coco

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