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Are you interested in coMra therapy? We’ve put together a selection of videos that show the how and why of coMra therapy.


coMra therapy – more than laser therapy

While laser is the central component to coMra therapy, it actually combines magnetism, ultrasound and colour to improve the effectiveness of the laser. Radiant Life Technologies’ Dr Arzhan Surazakov explains how the laser works, and how the combined radiances work together to provide a unique therapy that works at a fundamental level to promote healing in the body.


The benefits of coMra therapy shown over many years – home and doctor success stories

If you’re thinking about trying low-level laser therapy then this video is for you! Many doctors are achieving good results using coMra  therapy to treat pain and a range of other conditions. Watch as doctors and a home user with advanced Multiple Sclerosis share their experience with coMra therapy.


coMra in family life – success with hard-to-treat conditions

 When her 4-year old daughter came down with severe Herpes on her lower lip and chin, Meret tried everything – from traditional treatments such as Zovirax through to a number of alternate treatments and nothing seemed to work. However, when she tried coMra with daily treatments for a week, the skin condition cleared up. Meret has since used coMra to treat a Thyroid problem as well as chronic headaches.


Unwrapping the coMra Palm – what’s in the box?

If you’re considering purchasing a coMra Palm to treat pain or any condition that is indicated for laser therapy – you’ll be interested to know what’s in the box. Watch this unboxing video for a closer look at the coMra Palm and how it works


Patients share their healing journeys with coMra laser therapy

You may be one of many people looking for a solution for a hard-to-treat health condition. In this video, people share their journeys through a range of diverse health problems and describe how coMra laser therapy was able to help them.


coMra Medical Case Study: Brain injury following car accident

Laser therapy has been shown to have significant results with neurological conditions and brain injury. In this case study coMra laser therapy was used by Dr. Larry Wallace to treat a woman with a brain injury following a car accident. The patient was suffering from loss of visual field, light photophobia, extreme fatigue, chronic headaches and other visual problems. coMra was used for 13 treatments over 7 weeks and resulted in an almost complete restoration of the visual field and 100% improvement in the headaches as well as significant improvement to the other visual conditions.


coMra Medical Case Study: Treating headaches and loss of visual field due to a stroke

In this case study submitted by Dr. Larry Wallace, a patient was suffering from headaches and visual field loss after having a stroke. Dr Wallace used a series of 12 5 minute weekly treatments to the area of the head where the stroke occurred. The patient reported a substantial improvement with the visual field completely restored and headaches much less frequent and intense. This video explains how the coMra laser treatments actually energise the cells to promote healing in the affected areas of the brain.


Treating pain, headaches, joint conditions and lower back pain with coMra laser therapy

Dr Lee Cowden is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Academy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine. He describes how just a single coMra treatment often results in marked recovery from pain related conditions.


Treating depression without drugs using coMra therapy

For many people suffering from chronic depression the side-effects of the medication become unbearable, or sometimes the medication just stops working. Maria Isaza found she could turn to coMra laser therapy for a solution. She started seeing improvements after 3 months and was able to come off her medication after the first year of treatment.


Treating work-related injuries with coMra laser therapy

Dr Karen Combs is a naturopath who also has a family metalworking business. Karen shares her stories of treating workers’ injuries which have at times been debilitating, with remarkable success. coMra combines low-level laser technology, colour LEDs, magnetism and low-intensity ultrasound to provide non-invasive treatment for pain and a variety of other conditions.


Effective drug free pain treatment

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