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coMra therapy is a totally safe and non-invasive therapy that effectively and uniquely combines the proven abilities of low-level (or cold) laser technology, colour LEDs, magnetism and low-intensity ultrasound for faster, more extensive healing and pain relieving effects throughout the body.

coMra-Therapy is widely used for pain relief, cell and tissue regeneration, without any associated negative side-effects.

You can also use coMra-Therapy to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, new or long-standing. The reason for this is that you are providing the cells, whether they are muscle cells, bone cells, nerve cells or organ cells, with the same energetic, messaging and metabolism support. All cells have the same basic needs in order to function properly and to repair themselves. Please refer to our comprehensive User Guide, where conditions and treatments are listed.

Because coMra-Therapy provides energetic support for the body, it is ideal for boosting the body’s own immune and regenerative abilities. For this reason many athletes rely upon coMra-Therapy to get back on track more speedily after illness or injury.

And because it is easy to use, versatile, non-toxic and safe it means it can be used confidently at home by the entire family, and also on infants, animals and the elderly.

The regenerative abilities of coMra ensure that it plays a unique role in preventive medicine and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

In addition to treating your primary condition, pain, inflammation or illness there are many different ways coMra-Therapy can help you.

Here is an overview of some of the main benefits:

  • Provide symptom relief, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, reduce stiffness, relieve tired and sore joints and muscles, increase mobility, regenerate tissue, speed recovery and reduce scarring post-surgery.
  • Reduce fatigue, increase energy levels, improve organ function, improve digestion, improve blood and tissue oxygenation, increase stamina, improve recovery and recuperation from exertion and exercise, improve circulation.
  • Relieve and reduce stress, improve sleep quality, boost immune system.
  • coMra-Therapy works very well with other therapies including rehabilitation therapies and is compatible with most other medications.
  • No special training required – you can use it “straight out of the box” and get results.
  • Save you time, saving you money – while treating from the comfort of your own home.
  • Extensive after-purchase support available.
  • For professionals and dedicated home users we offer accreditation and training programs, and also access to the worldwide coMra network

The body can heal itself, but often needs support to do so optimally. The essential bioenergetic effects of coMra-Therapy include:

  • Providing energetic support for diseased/damaged cells to restore their respective functions, by increasing the efficiency of production of the universal fuel of all living cells – the ATP molecule.
  • Initiating neurochemical messaging cascades and metabolism changes that rally support for all vital systems of an organism.
  • Providing synergetic stimulation of key processes in any type of cell/tissue.

A special feature of coMra-Therapy is that treatments often combine local application, on areas where the symptoms are located, with systemic application, which increases the overall health of the body, and improves local healing effects.

Most importantly, coMra-Therapy does not interfere with the work of the body, but instead assists it in its natural activity of self healing.

Yes, there is a comprehensive User Guide that is very straightforward and easy to follow. The User Guide lists over 200 conditions and includes pictures of the points to treat, as well as treatment times.

coMra-Therapy is applied via the coMra devices,  small, light and compact devices designed as  easy-to-use and safe devices  for treating pain, injuries and many diseases. And with only 3 buttons to operate anyone can use them. Simply place your coMra device directly on the skin, press a button and the process begins. It will tell you when it is done.

“coMra-Therapy helps where conventional medication methods of healing can not help.”

Dr P. Zlatev

Because coMra-therapy does not interfere with the natural processes of the body, it is a gentle, safe and non-invasive therapy, which is simple and easy to apply. It is not intended to be felt, and although some people are aware of a slight sensation, most do not feel the treatment at all, and it is not necessary for anything to be felt in order for healing to occur.

Healing effects of coMra-Therapy can manifest from minutes (increase of cellular ATP) to up to two weeks (DNA expression, stem cell stimulation). In some conditions relief can take place from immediately to within a few hours, in respect of noticeable differences, such as relief of pain, decrease in swelling, increase in mobility or function, to name a few. Other improvements in terms of tissue repair, for example, may take several days or weeks of treatment before the difference may be noticed.

This depends on the type of condition(s) being treated. The User Guide is primarily written with the home user in mind, and in these circumstances daily, or treatments on alternate days are recommended. Practitioners, on the other hand, mostly treat once or twice per week, depending on the condition.

With acute injuries and illnesses, generally speaking, short duration treatments, as soon as practicable after the injury or illness, for several consecutive days will be best for immediate pain and other symptom relief, as well as increased speed of healing.

In chronic longstanding conditions it is best to follow the treatments in the User Guide . Generally speaking, each course of treatment will be between 2-6 days per week for 2-3 weeks, followed by a 1-3 week rest period, to allow the body time to heal under its own steam, before commencing more treatment courses as needed until definite improvement occurs.

No, a body will absorb as much as it needs only for the healing process, not more. Therefore, it is quite possible to treat a headache after a long day in the office, a recent back pain, chronic pain in the knees and an allergy during one evening, without any negative effects.

There are no negative side-effects. One of the most beneficial features of coMra-Therapy is that it does not interfere with the natural processes of the body. This means that it is safe and effective for anyone to use.

Caution: Do not shine into open eyes.. Do not use with Pacemakers (see User Guide).

Note: Certain medication can slow down or inhibit the positive effects of coMra-Therapy. For example; Steroids, NSAIDs.

The coMra Delta comes with a 2 year repair or replace warranty. The warranty for the Palm is 18 months.

If properly cared for, the expected lifespan of the coMra Delta is 15 years.

No consumables are needed.

There are no maintenance costs.

The coMra Delta can be cleaned most easily simply by dipping a cotton swab into Colloidal Silver, alcohol or 70% surgical spirit and then wiping the surfaces carefully and thoroughly.

The coMra Palm is best cleaned using a damp swap with hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to our comprehensive User Guides and video presentations, please feel free to call or email us if you would like to ask us for any additional information and support you may need.

Yes. Please contact our office.

To ensure safe delivery throughout the country, we courier your order directly to your door.

Please contact us to place your order, or if you have any additional questions about the coMra device or treatments.

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