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You can download our GENERAL USER GUIDE which contains details on over 200 conditions which can be treated.

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CoMra User Guide

To get you started on your journey with coMra, there’s a comprehensive user guide containing detailed instructions for treating over 200 conditions.

Online version

Printable PDF download it for free here

or download the same User Guide as a fully searchable and easy to use mobile application for Apple iOS or Android

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Beauty User Guide

Featuring treatments for cleansing and detox, sexual health, weight issues, cellulite and much, much more!

training and performance boost

Performance and Training User Guide

coMra is for much more than treating illness. This guide shows you how to use coMra to enhance your athletic and fitness training programme as well as treating sports injuries.


Effective drug free pain treatment

Are you struggling with Chronic Pain? Tired of expensive drug treatments?
Download this e-book to find out about this powerful new approach to treating pain and so much more.