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You can download our GENERAL USER GUIDE which contains details on over 200 conditions which can be treated.

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CoMra User Guide

coMra laser therapy to treat many conditions

Download the new updated User Guide version 5.1 with expanded treatments, new sections and diagrams and a more discrete representation of the human body. This User Guide is essential for working with coMra and contains a wealth of information to get started and grow your knowledge.

Online version

Printable PDF download it for free here

or download the same User Guide as a fully searchable and easy to use mobile application for Apple iOS or Android

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training and performance boost

Sports Performance and Training User Guide

coMra is for much more than treating illness. This guide shows you how to use coMra to enhance your athletic and fitness training programme as well as treating sports injuries.

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Beauty and Wellness User Guide

Featuring treatments for cleansing and detox, sexual health, weight issues, cellulite and much, much more!

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Veterinary User Guide – Cat and Dog

Creating lasting wellbeing and the quality of life that you desire for all
members of your family, be they human or animal!

Downloadable coMra e-books

In addition to the main User Guide above, and the Sports and Beauty guides down below, we’ve put together some invaluable downloadable resources. These cover: an overview of coMra therapy, treating Peripheral Neuropathy, treating pain, and a deep dive into the Universal Treatments which are used extensively in chronic condition treatments, preventative medicine and for general wellbeing.

Guide to coMra Therapy

A short document that will help you get up to speed quickly with your coMra device. Build a good working knowledge of how coMra therapy can help you, with tips on treating pain most effectively, how to approach your healing regime and how the various frequencies work.

How to Treat Peripheral Neuropathy Successfully with Comra Therapy

Practical examples and coMra laser therapy treatment protocols for neuropathic conditions

A New Approach to Treating Pain with Comra Therapy

A new drug-free approach to treating pain that addresses the underlying cause by regenerating damaged tissue and nerves

Guide to coMra Universal Treatments

coMra Universal Treatments act on the whole body and are important in many coMra therapy programmes. Since they address the major functioning systems they are an essential part of the treatments prescribed for many conditions and are also excellent for promoting general wellbeing and preventative medicine. This guide provides an introduction to the Universal Treatments with a summary of what each treatment is used for.


Effective drug free pain treatment

Are you struggling with Chronic Pain? Tired of expensive drug treatments?
Download this e-book to find out about this powerful new approach to treating pain and so much more.