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Comra Wave Research


The coMra Wave technology is a patented and scientifically tested approach to utilise background electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog to provide two beneficial functions. The first is to offer a degree of radiation protection from high frequency cellular and wireless radiation, and the second is to use the absorbed radiation for the improvement of the quality and freshness of water, and the consequent benefits to the health and vitality of the human body through the medium of water.

water dynamics


Natural water is part of a constant circulation system that forms a fundamental part of the Earth´s eco-system. There is constant cycle of re-generation of natural water surfacing from underground springs, which connect to rivers, and eventually to the sea. This natural cycle of water leads to a re-balancing of the water chemistry, which is best suited to the requirements of all living organisms all the way from single cell bacteria up to the human body.

Comra Wave Research - Radiation Absorption


Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing according to European Commission standard EN 55022:2010 shows the amount of radio disturbance generated by information technology products in the region 9kHz to 400GHz, which includes cellular phones, Wi-Fi, and wireless computer equipment. The coMra Wave technology has been tested according to this standard by using two brand name cellphones with and without the coMra Wave Cell prototype.

Comra Wave Research - Radiation Absorption And Structured Water


We have observed TWO major problems in our modern life style: In normal daily life we are exposed constantly to the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a host of wireless transmitting devices. Cellular phones, wireless networking, digital communications, RFID, TV broadcasts, and satellite transmissions all contribute to an enormous background of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies.