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coMra South Africa is pleased to offer the following great prices exclusive to customers in South Africa.

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coMra Wave devices absorb harmful wireless radiation from nearby digital devices giving you a level of protection just by having it close by you. These devices actually transform harmful electromagnetic radiation into harmonic waveforms that re-vitalise the water in your body as well as drinking water, re-energising body and mind. Find out more at our main coMra Wave Page.

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comra wave cell

coMra Wave Cell

Attaches to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and transforms radiation such as 3-4-5G and Wi-Fi. The coMra Wave Cell is truly a guardian of your health.


comra wave coaster

coMra Wave Coaster

Place your glass, mug or plastic bottle of water on the coaster and in less than 10 minutes it will re-vitalise one litre of drinking water.


comra wave pendant

coMra Wave Pendant

With a double-sided finish – black and pearl white – and a pure silver clasp, the coMra Wave Pendant is beautiful as well as functional. A unique, unisex device to be worn for everyday protection from harmful radiation.



comra wave family bundle

coMra Wave Family Bundle – Save R540!


In this package you get:

4x coMra Wave Cells
2x coMra Wave Coasters

For just R3 960, a 12% saving!

comra wave couple's bundle

coMra Wave Couple’s Bundle – Save R1 160!


In this package you get:

2x coMra Wave Pendants
2x coMra Wave Cells
2x coMra Wave Coasters

For just R6 570, a 15% saving!

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