If you are struggling with a neuropathic condition and are interested in laser therapy, then we have some great resources to help you in your research.

Research has shown that Low-Level Laser Therapy works at a cellular level to produce analgesic, anti-inflammatory and biostimulatory effects. Researchers note that these effects result in an increase in local microcirculation which facilitates tissue repair and controls pain.1

With coMra, we’re talking about more than just laser therapy, and are presenting the combined radiances of laser, coloured light, magnetism and ultrasound to treat neuropathy. coMra provides support for the body’s systems as a whole instead of focussing on the specific problem in isolation. It regenerates damaged tissue, reduces inflammation and provides energetic support to cells and organs.

1Can Low-Level Laser Therapy Have An Impact For Small Fiber Neuropathy?

Please fill in the form to download this essential resource: Practical Examples of Treating Peripheral Neuropathy with coMra Therapy.
It contains:

  • Neuropathy symptoms and causes
  • How coMra treats neuropathy
  • How pain relief is achieved
  • Practical examples and case studies
  • Treatment protocols for many related conditions including multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, inflammation and infection, as well as diabetic, idiopathic and nutritional neuropathy
coMra Testimonials

* Results may vary from person to person.

Kgaogelo, South Africa
“I am using my coMra palm on my toe areas at night as I suffer from neuropathic pain. It is helping. If you can I would recommend this device – a little pain healer miracle!”
Dr Adele – Naturopath, South Africa
“Works fabulously in practice. Use it on all sorts of injuries, inflamed areas, and even for emotional support & brain “healing”.
Denise, Canada
“I used the Delta and now have JOY and RELIEF! No more pain or soreness.”
Marianna, South Africa
“hi, bought mine a month or so ago. The focus was for personal use but also to incorporate in healing treatments in my business. So still need to really test the machine. My wrist felt so much better after 3 days use (only once a day).”
York, United Kingdom
“Since completing my first course for diabetes with coMra, the improvement has been quite stunning.”
Claire, South Africa
“Have had mine for 2 weeks and already noticing an improvement in nerve pain in my feet, rhinitis, bursitis inflammation and have used it for headaches. Highly recommended!”
Faizah Mokomela, South Africa
“I love my coMra machine, no more swelling feet and hands.”

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