If the December festivities have left you feeling less than your best, coMra can help you get back on track with safe, non-invasive detoxification support.

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The festive season is a time to celebrate, and often that means indulging a little more than we normally would. If the December festivities have left you feeling less than your best, coMra can help you get back on track with safe, non-invasive detoxification support.

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Unlike many of the ‘conventional’ detoxing products and programmes being marketed today, coMra cleansing protocols do not deplete your body.1,2 coMra’s low-level laser therapy supports regeneration and helps your body to cleanse itself in a safe, sustainable way, without depleting nutrient levels or causing unwanted side-effects.1,2

Find out more about how coMra supports your organs and promotes drug-free detoxing.

For an overall systemic detox, coMra offers a Universal treatment designed for gentle yet effective cleansing:2


The Complete Cleanse is a 2-part 10-day coMra treatment that targets areas involved in the detoxing process.

  • Part 1 (1-28 minutes, daily) focuses on key organs, including your kidneys, colon, pancreas and spleen.
  • Part 2 (10 minutes, every second day) targets major arteries around your body.

If you want to treat a specific condition or support a certain organ/area of your body, these protocols may also be helpful:2

GASTROENTEROLOGY 1 for the treatment of:

  • Liver conditions, including fatty liver disease and cirrhosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Gout

NB: GASTROENTEROLOGY 1 works best when used together with UNIVERSAL 3: BLOOD, a systemic treatment designed to promote overall wellness.

GASTROENTEROLOGY 6 for the treatment of:

  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea

NEPHROLOGY 4 for the treatment of:

  • Kidney diseases
  • Kidney inflammation

GOOD TO KNOW: Using coMra Gastroenterology protocols to support and balance your intestinal health has widespread benefits for the rest of your body.

A healthy gut microbiome is linked to:3

  • heart health,
  • brain health,
  • immune system function,
  • mood and mental health,
  • effective digestion, and
  • quality sleep.

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Detoxing shouldn’t mean depriving your body. A healthy detox is all about replenishing a depleted system and giving your body extra support during the process. Here are some healthy habits that will help you to care for yourself holistically, while following your chosen coMra detox protocol:

  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods: Eating foods rich in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids helps to fight systemic inflammation. This supports digestive health. Great examples of anti-inflammatory foods are green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and fatty fish.4,5
  • Add more antioxidants to your diet: Antioxidants fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Fresh fruits, veggies and legumes are great sources of antioxidants, especially berries, beans and leafy greens.4,6
  • Avoid processed foods: While detoxing, avoid fried foods and highly processed foods, like pre-packaged snacks and refined carbs. These foods contribute to inflammation.4,5
  • Avoid or limit sugar: Processed sugar takes more effort for your body to break down and can also contribute to inflammation. Cutting out sugar while you detox removes unnecessary strain from your digestive system.4
  • Try a ‘Dry January’: Your body has to work extra hard to process alcohol – drinking puts strain on your liver and affects your body’s ability to metabolise your food. It’s best to avoid alcohol during your detox, for best results.4
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water supports your kidneys and helps your system to flush out toxins. Sip on water or herbal tea throughout the day.4
  • Do gentle exercise: Aerobic exercise increases your circulation, deepens your breathing and stimulates your digestive system – all of which help with the detoxing process. Exercise also opens the sweat glands, which helps your body to get rid of toxins through perspiration. Ease into a gentle, regular exercise routine while you follow your detox protocol – consistency is more important than intensity – and be sure to rest properly after each workout.4
  • Get enough sleep: Good-quality, restorative sleep reduces stress and inflammation, helping your body to function at its peak.4
  • Take a prebiotic supplement: Prebiotics support the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, promoting healthy digestive function to help your body eliminate waste.4

Take good care of yourself and enjoy a happy, energised start to the new year, with support from coMra.

NOTE: coMra is a powerful modality. The uses described above are those recommended by the coMra User Guide. Experience over 10 years has shown that in the case of most chronic conditions, treatments can also be spread out to once or twice per week, without taking the breaks outlined in the guide.