Have you recently purchased a coMra device? Here are some useful starting points as you begin to explore the world of coMra therapy. 

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The User Guide

Welcome to the powerful world of coMra therapy!

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One of the best first steps is to acquaint yourself with your device and how you can use it. A good starting point for this is the extensive coMra User Guide which details the treatment protocols for a range of conditions and illnesses. It’s important to bear in mind that coMra therapy is able to treat a very wide variety of ailments and not only those listed in the guide. Hence, we recommend building up your working knowledge so that you are able to treat different medical conditions you may encounter.

You may access the User Guide in several ways:userguide

  • Download a PDF document here
  • Access the online version here. (This also contains a censored version that covers images containing sexual anatomy which some people prefer, especially when working with younger people.)
  • Download the smartphone apps of the User Guide. These are very convenient and easy to use, and often the quickest way to look up treatments. You can find them here:

Guide to coMra Therapy

If you’re ready to go a little deeper into coMra therapy and how it works, you can download the Guide to coMra Therapy. This document is a great introduction to the basics of coMra therapy and goes into some of the background on how it works, and what types of condition you can treat. It contains tips on how to use the device, how to approach your healing regime and how the various frequencies work.

therapyMany people turn to coMra to help with treating pain, and there is an important section with guidelines for pain treatment. It also introduces you to the Universal Treatments, which are essential for treating many conditions, and for general well-being and preventative medicine.
Download the guide here.

The Universal Treatments

deltaWhile you may initially wish to use coMra laser therapy for specific conditions or injuries, one of the major benefits of the modality is the opportunity to take a more comprehensive approach to healing by focusing its regenerative actions on areas such as the Central Nervous System, the Heart, the Blood and the Organs, which are impacted negatively during the course of illness or disease. Therefore the 8 Universal Treatments have been specifically designed to support the functioning of these systems, and the communication between them.

The Universal Treatments are an essential part of the treatments prescribed for many conditions and are also excellent for promoting general wellbeing and as preventative medicine. Through regular use of the Universal Treatments one not only experiences increased vitality, but they also enable one to address health challenges at early stages, even when there are no overt presenting symptoms. For example, one may feel a general weakness or reduced stamina, sleep disturbance, increased irritability, indigestion etc. with no specific condition yet manifesting. These treatments stimulate cellular regeneration in order to self-heal and restore internal coherence within the overall intelligent system of the body.
You can download the Universal Treatments User Guide here or have a look at our series of articles on our website – coMra Articles and Insights.

Share your stories!

We’d love to hear your story, whether you have been able to achieve relief from ongoing pain, or successfully treated a minor ailment, or were able to meet a seemingly overwhelming health challenge. You can write to us at [email protected] or post on our Facebook Page.

We wish you all the best on your coMra therapy journey!