Pain, whether chronic or acute, is a debilitating challenge for many. coMra therapy is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective treatment for pain. We look a little deeper into how this treatment can provide welcome relief.

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The Basics of Treating Pain

Because of its actions on the nerves, and also at a deep cellular level, the types of pain that respond to low-level laser therapy are varied, and range from sporting injuries to migraines, from burns and other skin pain, to back pain.

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coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 blog on how it works.

Pain and the treatment of pain, like all health concerns, is a very individual matter. Response to any form of treatment, as well as coMra therapy, depends on age, overall level of health, and other conditions that may be present.

Using coMra therapy to treat pain is completely safe and it is not possible to ‘over-treat’. However, as with charging a battery, it only needs a certain amount of time to fully charge. Leaving it charging for 3 days will not make it charge better or faster! Similarly, with coMra therapy, often short and regular treatments produce the optimum results, and more treatment time does not equate a faster or better healing process.

While there are many appropriate treatment protocols available in the coMra User Guide, it is possible to treat localized pain very simply:

  • Locate the point of most acute pain and treat that point as well as 4 points close to and surrounding it
  • This point of most intense pain may move from day to day, so be sure to determine its location each time you do a treatment
  • If you have knowledge of trigger points, these can be used very effectively as points for the coMra therapy
  • Likewise, acupuncture points treated with the coMra produce significant results
  • Acute pain (e.g. muscle tears, sprains or burns): can be treated up to 3 or 4 times per day, or morning and night (ideal if you have your own device at home)
  • Chronic pain: can be effectively treated even once or twice per week (ideal for professionals and healthcare providers who use the coMra on patients)

hand painLocal treatment on points of pain are noticeably efficient, but it is usually worth paying attention to the broader systemic needs as well. For example, with Rheumatoid Arthritis – local treatment on inflamed and painful joints will significantly alleviate the pain, but it is important to also address and support the auto-immune component of the condition. Thus, working with an appropriate auto-immune treatment protocol in conjunction with the localised pain points would be advisable.

Pain & Regeneration

Pain can often be related to nerve or tissue damage. coMra therapy effectively treats the pain itself, but also aids in the regeneration of cells.

“coMra therapy restores cellular energy: Simply put, coMra ‘recharges’ your batteries. The combined action of the infrared laser and magnetic field stimulates cellular metabolism, but more specifically it stimulates the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a universal fuel used by all cells for normal functioning. Diseased or unhealthy cells are not at optimum functioning level, either due to lack of oxygen, nutrients or energy, or through physical damage. So coMra therapy triggers the increased synthesis of ATP in the cells, thus encouraging the return to full functioning. And a healthy cell is designed to self-heal! So, the natural process of self-healing, that all our bodies are capable of, is restored and cellular and tissue regeneration can take place.”1

comra for pregnancyDue to its remarkable regenerative actions, coMra therapy has proven highly effective in decreasing healing time after surgery – by increasing the speed of regeneration in the body. It also reduces scarring quite significantly. Even existing scarring or keloids, which often cause much pain, can be treated with coMra therapy with excellent results.