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Comra Wave Research - Radiation Absorption And Structured Water

Radiation Absorption – and Structured Water

We have observed TWO major problems in our modern life style: In normal daily life we are exposed constantly to the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a host of wireless transmitting devices. Cellular phones, wireless networking, digital communications, RFID, TV broadcasts, and satellite transmissions all contribute to an enormous background of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies.

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Many scientific and medical studies have been conducted to determine the longer-term health effects of these high frequency radiations on the human body [1-5], and the effect on our general psyche and well-being [6-10]. Opinion within the scientific world is divided as to the long-term effects from exposure to these high-frequency radiations [11]. At clinical level studies suggest that daily exposure to this ambient electromagnetic radiation, from a host of modern technological wireless devices, is a contributing factor to lower energetic levels, general tiredness and de-hydration, and greater strain at a psychological level [12-14].

The effects of such exposure depend very much on the individual and their sensitivity to such radiations, the magnitude and exposure levels, and their current general health and well-being.

Water is a most fundamental element in sustaining life, and makes up more than two-thirds of our body mass. The quality and freshness of water places a vital role in our body´s general health and well-being, energy levels, and psychological balance. The effects of de-hydration in the body, or the consumption of contaminated or low quality water are a daily problem in sustaining a balanced and energetic life-style.

The coMra Wave technology has been invented to tackle these two problems above simultaneously by combining the absorption of surrounding electromagnetic radiation to provide a degree of radiation protection, and then using this absorbed energy to activate structuring or increase the quality and energetic level of the water we consume, and within the human body.

The coMra Wave products use a six and seven layer technological micro-device. The first layer, which is visible and gold plated, forms together with the second layer a wide band micro-waves receiver. The third layer is a non-linear resonance signature generator and the last three layers are phase shifters. The seventh layer is crystal substrata and is added only to the coMra Wave Pendant.

The technology behind coMra Wave embodies two important functions:

  1. To absorb energy from the surrounding background electromagnetic radiation, and from devices that transmit and receive radio and microwave signals. Or with other words absorbing high frequency energy that is considered to have a potentially negative and harmful effect on living organisms, and store this energy for use as a power source for beneficial functions. This function is protective.
  2. To use the absorbed electromagnetic radiation in an activation process to raise the general energetic dynamics, structure and quality of the closely surrounding water and in drinking water. This function is transformative.