Immunity is our body’s ingenious way of learning and responding to continually evolving viruses and bacteria that appear from time to time. With the global Covid-19 pandemic currently underway a strong immune system is a very important asset to have. Our immune systems learn and memorise how to mount a rapid and effective defence against these pathogens. coMra therapy is a highly supportive therapy that can assist the immune system in optimum functioning.

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How does the Immune System work?

immuneThe immune system requires vast amounts of energy to do its job, which is to contain the spread of viruses and bacteria in the body. One of the early signs of infection or of feeling unwell is the desire to rest, which is the body’s natural response to reduce energy expenditure. We may also lose our appetite as digestion requires a lot of energy, and thus further energy conservation is achieved. Extreme fatigue may set in in advanced stages of an illness as the energy deficit increases.

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If the body is healthy and has enough reserves to fight the infection, symptoms may only be mild. However, if the body is already weakened through chronic diseases, old age, lack of sleep or emotional stress, the situation may deteriorate more rapidly. For the immune system to maintain function for days or even weeks is a major challenge if the body is already depleted – it lacks sufficient reserves to sustain itself while fighting the pathogen.

coMra Therapy for a strong immune system

coMra therapy is a non-invasive and safe technology that combines several physical radiances in order to increase the efficiency of the natural functions of the body, including the immune defences.

Watch this brief video for a general overview or read our blog post on how coMra therapy works.

comra palm actionThere are different coMra devices available but here, for the purposes of this post, we will refer to the coMra Palm device that uses three radiances:

  • Infrared laser,
  • Magnetic field and
  • Colour LEDs: red, indigo/violet, yellow-green.

These radiances are low-intensity, so that they cannot damage cells. Instead they collectively increase the efficiency of cellular and organ functions in terms of energy supply and neuroendocrine regulation.

In other words, coMra therapy is not targeted at destroying a specific virus or bacteria, but rather at building the various functions of the body for self-repair and self-defence.

During our 10 year clinical experience with coMra therapy we have observed that timely treatments with coMra devices reduces the duration of normal colds and flu by at least 40-50%. The severity of symptoms such as headaches, fever, fatigue, runny nose is also significantly reduced. We found that home users of coMra devices also have a markedly reduced need for medication (if any) to control those symptoms. And when coMra therapy is also applied preventatively, in advance, before seasonal outbreaks, whole families go through these times with very minimum down time.

Clinical Research on Laser Therapy and Immunity

The Practical Pain Management journal notes significant immune-modulating effects have been observed in response to therapeutic laser. One of the many case studies mentioned was performed by Mikhailov et al1 on patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. “42 patients were treated with 10 applications from an 890nm laser which targeted the thymus projection zone, vascular junction and thyroid gland. A control group of similar size was given L-thyroxin (100 mg/day). All laser-treated patients experienced a decrease in the feeling of squeezing in the area around the thyroid and a decrease in facial edema. The thyroid gland became softer on palpation and smaller on ultrasound examination. There was also a decreased number of patients that caught winter colds in the laser group. The immunoregulatory index (Th/Ts) normalized from 7.5 to 4.2%. The laser effects were still noticeable in 78% of the laser patients four months after treatment. This index was only slightly changed in the control group.2

Practical Recommendations for Colds, Flu and Coronavirus

Below are custom coMra programs compiled for colds, flu and Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. These programs use combinations of existing treatments as published in the current coMra therapy User Guide Revision 4.1, available online as well as in PDF format, or alternatively as an APP for Apple iOS and Android.

Firstly, we recommend doing a preventative coMra therapy program BEFORE an infection happens, if there is a risk of infection. It is the best approach to prepare the immune system for contact with a virus that is new to your body.

Immune support 1

Preventative program for an individual without chronic diseases and below 50 years old.

  • Universal 2
  • Universal 3

Do this treatments once daily for 12 days.

Immune support 2

Preventative program for an individual with chronic diseases, over 50 years old, with high risk of infection.

  • Universal 2
  • Universal 6

Do this treatments once daily for 12 days.

Note that the immune system’s functional reserves will start increasing after the first 2-3 days of treatments and will peak by the 6th-9th day of the preventative program. The elevated immune status will persist for another 10-14 days and will gradually start to decrease during the next 14-60 days. This means that one preventative program is generally sufficient for about 3 months.

We wish you peace of mind and the best of health!

  1. Mikhailov V A et al. Use of immunomodulative influence of low level laser irradiation in the2 treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis. In: A window on the laser medicine world. L Longo, ed. Proc SPIE. 1999. Vol 4166: 319-322.