This article is a useful summary and video of our popular coMra therapy course, available online, presented by SA’s leading energy healing practitioner; Dr Bernard Brom. Dr Brom presents his game changing approach to holistic medicine based on 40 years’ experience with laser therapy.
Although the course has been geared for professionals and is designed to assist them in integrating coMra therapy fully into their practice, it is very useful for home users to get a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of coMra therapy.


During the course, Dr Brom discusses how he came to learn about low-level laser therapy, and the impact this discovery has had on his journey as an integrative health practitioner. He unpacks ‘old science’ vs ‘new science’ models and explains what a truly holistic approach to healing means.

A large portion of the course is devoted to demonstrating the use of coMra devices and sharing the specialised treatment techniques that he has developed through his experience in practice.

The course addresses the following key principles of treatment with coMra:

  • Clinical application frequency
  • Acute vs chronic treatment
  • Treatment of babies, adults and animals
  • Local and systemic treatments, including internal organ treatment
  • The benefits of coMra

Discover more about the course by clicking on the link below and watching the trailer video:

dr brom

“Medicine is an art that uses science to measure what can be measured.” – Dr Bernard Brom

Dr Brom is a highly experienced integrative doctor and the author of Healthy Medicine – the Philosophy and Principles of Natural Medicine. He is a pioneer of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which he has found to be a highly effective tool for non-invasive drug-free healing treatments.

“Medicine should be simple, because all we need to do is support the body’s healing capacity and give it what it needs.” – Dr Bernard Brom

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NOTE: coMra is a powerful modality. The uses described above are those recommended by the coMra User Guide. Experience over 10 years has shown that in the case of most chronic conditions, treatments can also be spread out to once or twice per week, without taking the breaks outlined in the guide.