What is the best way to fight a virus? Even COVID-19 which is causing much concern for everyone right now. Read on to find out more.

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Our Individual and Unique Immune Systems

Our number one defence against any virus or bacteria, even against COVID-19, are our very own immune systems. By boosting, supporting and maintaining our immunity in all ways possible, we enable our bodies to function optimally. This includes protecting us from foreign and threatening pathogens and keeping us healthy.

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In a previous post, we discussed how the immune system works and how coMra therapy can support this ever-evolving system. Once we understand the biological aspects, it is also important to understand that our immunity is not only influenced by physical factors. We are psycho-physiological beings and thus our thoughts and emotions affect our immune systems as much as physical triggers.1

To achieve a strong and healthy immune system, we need to take into account the individual differences of our own beings, our environments and other unique influences. As such, what may work for our neighbour, may not be quite right for us. Finding and establishing a balanced lifestyle that allows optimum immune functioning requires some self-exploration of ‘what is good for us’ and what ‘optimum’ health feels like for us. Our immune system is the result of an ongoing dynamic balance that adjusts as

we learn more and more about what is good for us, and how to achieve that.

coMra Therapy for Colds, Flu and Coronavirus

A highly effective method of supporting the immune system is through coMra therapy. This can be done in the comfort of your own home, at any time.

If you start to feel unwell and experience the first signs of an infection, such as fever, cough or sore throat start the following coMra therapy program as soon as possible. This is the most critical time when your immune system goes from a “dormant” state to full activation. (To minimise the spread of infection within a family, follow the coMra device cleaning guidelines.)

Immune support 3

Treatment program for common colds, flu, coronavirus disease.

  • Universal 3, done every 4 hours except during sleep time
  • Universal 2, done once a day
  • In case of headache add Universal 1, done 1-2 a day
  • In case of respiratory symptoms add Pulmonology 1, done 1-2 times a day
  • In case of runny nose add Otorhinolaryngology 1, done 1-2 times a day
  • In case of sore throat add Otorhinolaryngology 8, done 1-2 times a day

Do these treatments until your condition significantly improves. Then continue with Immune support 1 for another 1 week.

Some Practical Advice for Strong Immunity

Along with the support that coMra therapy provides, there are several lifestyle factors that require attention to ensure we are able to strengthen and maintain our immune systems, especially when they are hard at work protecting us. These include2:

  • Stress:
    immune support-1
    States of anxiety or stress can greatly weaken our immunity. The high levels of cortisol released in the body as a result of a stressful situation utilise excessive energy resources in the body. This starts a chain reaction that affects blood sugar levels, the cardiovascular system and could cause harm to major organs.
    Identify stress triggers in your life right now and find ways to manage these as best as possible. Reducing stress is a key factor in restoring healthy immunity.
  • Sleep: Sleep is vital to our overall physical, mental and emotional health. While we sleep, the immune systems clears toxins from our body, and cells have the opportunity to heal, reproduce and regenerate. If you are already feeling unwell, allow your body and mind to rest as much as possible and get lots of sleep!
  • Moderate Exercise and Breathing: Exercising enhances the work of the lymphatic system, aids gut health and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Working with the breath, we are able to shift our emotional state, connect with our physical body and state of being. Both physical exercise and intentional breathing can be very useful tools for self-regulation during stressful situations and as part of a regular practice in stillness and mindfulness.
  • Healthy Diet and Supplements:
    immune support
    Incorporate as much fresh fruit and vegetables into your everyday diet. Garlic, ginger, turmeric and wheatgrass are excellent immune boosters and aid in eliminating toxins from the body. Probiotics and fermented foods can aid in improving and maintaining good gut health which is key. And drink lots of water! Water is vital for our blood and lymph to flow freely through the body as well as for much of our biological functioning.
  • Things to Avoid: Alcohol and cigarettes create metabolic waste material in your cells and are best avoided. Deep fried foods, gluten, high sugars and salts and processed foods are often inflammatory to the body and will place your immune system under further distress. Anxiety and stress compromise your immune system, so try to find a way of managing these emotions as best as you can.

Stay healthy, rest well and stay connected!
1 Immune system as an evolving balance

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