In addition to treating locally, coMra has wider applications in promoting health and supporting the body’s own extensive healing abilities.

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coMra combines four healing modalities, each of which has benefits for cellular healing and wellness:

  • Low-level laser technology
  • Colour LEDs
  • Magnetism
  • Low-intensity ultrasound

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The name coMra means “coherence achieved through Modulation of different radiances”, which describes how the devices combine these four radiant properties.

“One of the most exciting tools I have used in my almost 40 years of Integrative practice has been the low-level laser, which I came across way back in 1980. I used it initially as a way to stimulate acupuncture points without needles, but soon discovered that it had rich healing properties when used directly over injured tissue.

Over the years I began to use the laser as my first choice for all injured tissue, inflammation and painful areas. I call it ‘doctor in a box’ because of its usefulness in so many conditions.” – Dr Bernard Brom, integrative doctor

coMra uses these powerful modalities to support the body’s own ability to self-regenerate. This gives people access to a non-invasive and drug-free way to manage pain, repair tissue damage, reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Injury, chronic illness, lifestyle and other stress factors can weaken our bodies’ natural healing ability, and one of the aspects that makes coMra so effective is the way it helps strengthen and restore functionality, making the cellular healing process quicker and more extensive.

“Although the ability to regenerate is inherent within each cell and each organ, this ability may not be fully engaged in response to a disease or injury, due to limited functional reserve. Any deficiency in energetic, structural, regulatory or psychological aspects of the reserve leads to delayed, incomplete healing.

So in order to shift the balance towards regeneration, rather than degeneration, how can we improve the function of living tissue? One solution that is employed in coMra therapy directly follows the fundamental principle of interconnectedness: it is possible to increase the efficiency of a cooperative process by raising its coherence.” – Dr Arzhan Surazakov, Radiant Life Technologies


universal protocolscoMra doesn’t just treat acute pain – it’s also become a part of many peoples’ daily lives, as a way to manage chronic conditions. These conditions are often caused by underlying systemic problems, which can be treated more widely than just locally using coMra’s Universal protocols.

Universal treatments are designed to support the most vital systems in the body:

  • Immune system
  • Central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Endocrine system
  • Circulatory system
  • Digestive system

These systemic protocols can also be used as preventative medicine, because of their power to improve the body’s overall wellbeing at a systemic level.


There are 8 Universal coMra treatments:

  • UNIVERSAL 1 (HEAD) – treats headaches and migraines, brain fog, dizziness or faintness

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  • UNIVERSAL 2 (HEART) – promotes heart health and blood flow, strengthens the blood vessels in the heart
  • UNIVERSAL 3 (BLOOD) – for improved circulatory health and general wellbeing

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  • UNIVERSAL 4 (SOMATIC BIOSTIMULATION 1) – restores depleted energy and improves the regeneration process, to treat physical exhaustion

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  • UNIVERSAL 5 (SOMATIC BIOSTIMULATION 2) – supports emotional wellbeing and relieves emotional exhaustion, depression, stress and adrenal dysfunction
  • UNIVERSAL 6 (VITALITY) – restores energy and eases physical exhaustion or fatigue, supports recovery from illness or injury, as well as general wellbeing
  • UNIVERSAL 7 (NERVOUS SYSTEM) – treats emotional exhaustion, stress, nervous and neurological disorders

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  • UNIVERSAL 8 (COMPLETE CLEANSE) – detoxification and regeneration for the organs

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