In today’s world of increasing pollution, stressed lives and poor nourishment how do we build our immune systems? This question affects us all as individuals, as families and as communities. Find out how coMra therapy can encourage self-sufficiency as part of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

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coMra Therapy Encourages Self-Reliance

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In April 2020, Head of Research & Development at Radiant Life Technologies Dr Arzhan Surazakov addressed the “crisis of self-sufficiency” in a powerful webinar. Dr Surazakov’s message focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic, which had just recently become a worldwide health concern at the time, was highlighting our need for a more holistic approach and greater self-sufficiency in the way we take care of our health and wellbeing.

Watch the webinar: Evolving self-sufficiency.

Partly because of our modern lifestyles (which include junk food consumption and high stress levels), and partly because of an over-reliance and excessive use of drugs, our immune systems are under greater pressure1,2 and are failing when faced with a health crisis, such as the pandemic. This affects us as individuals, as families and as communities.1

The use of coMra therapy can encourage self-sufficiency as part of a holistically healthy lifestyle.2

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safe and easycoMra works by strengthening the body’s own defences and regenerative abilities. Once your cells’ fundamental needs (such as energy supply) are met, they can start self-healing.2

coMra supports self-reliant healing and because it’s designed to be safely and easily used at home, it encourages a greater awareness of and participation in your own health and healing process. coMra devices can be used as part of your own daily self-care routine, encouraging you to take personal responsibility for your own wellbeing.2


“If we acknowledge that there is intelligence that governs the internal life of a cell, then it is clear that we cannot address the challenge of self-repair using the same mechanistic “gear-lever” approach… This means that our medical technology should increase self-sufficiency in a person and support cellular intelligence, rather than trying to replace it.2Dr Arzhan Surazakov, coMra Therapy: Healing with Coherence

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