coMra is an excellent addition to your everyday fitness toolkit, to help you stay on top of your training and achieve your fitness goals.

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Professionals and amateurs alike need physical, mental and emotional support when training, to stay on track and perform at their peak. coMra is an excellent addition to your everyday fitness toolkit, to help you stay on top of your training and achieve your fitness goals.

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coMra low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is about much more than treating illness. You can also use coMra therapy to enhance your athletic and fitness training, and speed up injury recovery time.


These protocols are intended to help build up functional capacity by boosting your strength, speed and/or endurance, and to help with recovery after training.


This is a pre-workout treatment you can use to prime your body for a training session. This is an easy 15-minute protocol you can do in the morning or just before your session.

The PREPARATION protocol targets the heart, liver and spleen, as well as key points on the kidneys and several arteries around the body. Follow the protocol daily during your training cycle, or use as needed for ad hoc support. Ideal for helping you prepare in the run-up to a big race or sporting event.

Protocol 2: RECOVERY

Use this protocol after your session or before bed in the evenings, to give your body post-training support and promote better quality sleep. You can use the RECOVERY protocol up to 3 times daily if you’re doing multiple training sessions a day.

RECOVERY works on the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen, as well as key points on the arms and legs. That means you can use it for upper body or lower body recovery, or both.


This treatment provides physical and emotional support for competitive athletes, helping to relieve pre-competition anxiety, burnout and weather-related (heat and cold) stress caused by outdoor training. You can use Protocol 3 to recover from heavy or emotionally charged training days, to promote better quality sleep and to achieve a calmer, more balanced state of mind.


ENERGY BOOSTERWe all need a little extra help to get us up and going sometimes. The ENERGY BOOSTER protocol is designed to do just that, providing a quick (8- to 10-minute) pick-me-up between sessions. Use this protocol up to 3 times daily if needed.


This is a 3-part protocol that’s ideal for those doing strength/weight training, and great for bodybuilders. Part 1 targets the chest, shoulders and triceps, while part 2 focuses on the back and biceps, and part 3 works on the legs. Apply this treatment according to your weight training day, to condition these key muscle groups. You can use it before and/or after a session.

The full coMra Training and Performance User Guide is available to download online. The guide includes full instructions for each of the training and performance protocols, and offers examples of how to incorporate coMra therapy into specific training plans.

Find out more about coMra for performance in this webinar hosted by pro-athlete and coach Alexander Hevia.


If you need to treat a specific sports injury, you’ll need to consult the main coMra User Guide for a suitable treatment. For example:

  • The various TRAUMATOLOGY protocols can be used to treat muscle and joint injuries.
  • The SURGERY 1 protocol helps with bruises and sprained muscles and tendons.
  • UNIVERSAL 4 is a somatic biostimulation protocol designed to relieve physical exhaustion.

Find the full coMra User Guide here for more details.