The global COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for greater self-sufficiency when it comes to personal health care. Hospitals are overloaded or reserved for COVID-19 cases, non-essential procedures are being cancelled and people are increasingly wary of going to doctor’s rooms and clinics. So how can you take more responsibility for your own health from the comfort and safety of your own home? Read on to find out more about the remarkable coMra therapy approach.

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Self-Sufficiency in a Global Crisis

In a recent webinar, Dr Arzhan Surazakov, Head of Research & Development at Radiant Life Technologies, suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic is a reflection of the state of global immunodeficiency that we find ourselves in.1 This situation has arisen from a collective lifestyle trajectory that many societies find themselves on: fast-paced, high stress, unhealthy diet, poor sleep. All these factors contribute to increasingly compromised immunity over time, thus exposing us individually and collectively to higher risk of disease and infection.

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The COVID-19 pandemic may be casting harsh light on the unsustainability of our way of life, from the personal habits and stressors to the collective paradigms that we function within.

Taking Responsibility

“At the end of the day, the responsibility for taking care of one’s health belongs to the individual and not to a doctor, technology or healthcare system. As a result, coMra therapy devices were designed to be effective, easy to apply and safe. This is necessary for long term well-being, since the holistic healing of a person goes beyond recovery of the body and extends to addressing the deeper causes of disease rooted in one’s worldview and lifestyle. Without acquiring new knowledge about the self and implementing it in new behaviour, the body will again start to sustain damage and disease may come back again.”2

In his recently published e-book coMra-Therapy: Healing with Coherence, Dr Surazakov speaks extensively of one of the key inspirations and motivations behind coMra technology as being the desire to empower people to take the responsibility for their health and well-being more extensively into their own hands. By equipping people with a technology that is able to help restore the body’s natural self-healing and regenerative capacity, coMra therapy contributes to a shift in paradigm around healthcare. One in which each person is able to support their own body in the unique manner required for optimum functioning and thriving.


He also acknowledges the importance of the multi-layered factors that influence health, including psychological and emotional states, and how these impact physiological dis-ease or difficulties. coMra therapy contributes to and assists in facilitating holistic healing that takes into account all levels of well-being. And a significant factor in this is each person’s willingness to take responsibility for their own health, wherever possible.

coMra Therapy, Immunity and COVID-19

From a clinical point of view, COVID-19 is characterised by rapid development of immunosuppression. In the case of pre-existing immunodeficiency, the disease generally progresses to pneumonia and possibly to further severe stages.3

Based on recent studies in China, it has been determined that the coronavirus appears to act mainly on lymphocytes, particularly T-lymphocytes, and patients with confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 present with significantly higher immune deficient states than other diagnoses.4

Thus, support for the immune system is a key approach to prevent and treat COVID-19.

This is where coMra therapy provides an invaluable self-care tool that can be safely and easily used on a regular basis.

In several medical studies5, Low Level Laser Therapy has been shown to significantly increase the quantity and activity of T-lymphocytes as well as to promote the bactericidal activity of neutrophils (a type of immune cell that is one of the first cell types to travel to the site of an infection. Neutrophils help fight infection by ingesting microorganisms and releasing enzymes that kill the microorganisms6). This is just one positive effect that coMra therapy has on the body. To learn more about how coMra therapy works, read.

What can I do to stay healthy?

Stop leakage of your energy reserve.

Assuming the body has 100% energy reserve available to perform essential functioning as well as to address acute needs or conditions, it is important to know where you may be ‘leaking’ this energy reserve. It is best to have as much energy reserve available as possible, so that in the case of infection or other health-compromising situations, your body has enough reserve for the immune system to kick into high gear and address the challenge at hand.

Factors that adversely affect your energy reserves include7:

Non-volitional Activity Extra energy cost (% of total energy cost in a healthy individual)
Inflammation 25-60% (mild activation to sepsis)
Chronic low-grade infection (e.g. Hepatitis C) 10%
Acute pain Up to 60%
Chronic pain 15%
Psychological stress Up to 30%
Sleep alterations Up to 30%
Anxiety Up to 10%

Reflect on which of the above may be influencing your overall energy reserves and consider how you can address some of these factors.

Build up your functional reserve: prevent and treat with coMra

Using coMra therapy you can build up the functional reserve in your body. “The term functional reserve reflects the extent to which the function of a cell, organ or body can be intensified in response to an increased load or injury.”8

coMra Therapy is effective for a multiplicity of health concerns because it is aimed at supporting the reduced functional reserve that enables self-repair in the body, rather than at presenting symptoms or pathogens. In this way we offer support to the body in the best way possible, allowing it to do what it does best: self-heal.

coMra therapy offers a practical and safe tool that can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine, empowering you to live a healthy and coherent life.

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