Dr Bernard Brom, South Africa’s leading laser therapy practitioner, recently facilitated a 1-day coMra course. Find out why he calls coMra a “doctor in a box”.

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On June 11th we had the privilege to attend a workshop facilitated by the greatly respected Dr Bernard Brom, South Africa’s leading laser therapy practitioner. The 1-day course, titled “Low-Energy Lasers in Healing”, took place at the LifeShine Wellness Centre in Somerset West and included practical demonstrations that showcased the power of coMra therapy.

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The course opened by covering the philosophical and scientific background of energy healing. Following this, Dr Brom introduced the use of coMra laser to treat a wide range of conditions (including wounds, cuts and bruises, muscle strain, joint pain, sinus problems, ear infections, sports injuries and many more).

Here is a summary of the full course agenda:

Energy medicine:

  • The Greater Anatomy
  • The nature of the healing process
  • The observer effect – The Pear lab results
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Photon energy

Laser technology:

  • History of low energy lasers (LLL)
  • Russian vs Western experience
  • LLL research
  • LLL vs other tools available today
  • How the laser fits into any practice
  • Laser use at home

Practical application of the laser:

  • General principles in using the laser
  • Possible side-effect and contraindications
  • Clinical application
    • Frequency
    • Acute vs chronic treatment
    • Treatment of babies, adults, animals and plants
    • External vs internal organ treatment
    • coMra vs other lasers

coMra lasers:

  • History
  • Using ultrasound, magnetism, colour & laser together
  • How to use the laser for different conditions


Dr BromDr Bernard Brom is an integrative doctor who also describes himself as a functional medicine doctor, alchemist of medicine, holistic doctor, and healthy medicine doctor.

He has been practising medicine for more than 60 years and working with lasers for around 40 years. During this time, he has found low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to be a highly effective and versatile tool for holistic healing, with many remarkable benefits.

Dr Brom is a pioneer of LLLT and coMra laser devices have become his tools of choice. This is because coMra combines healing laser with other powerful healing modalities to assist it – namely magnetic, ultrasound and colour radiances. In fact, he describes coMra as a “doctor in a box”, thanks to its ability to treat so many acute and chronic conditions.

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