Reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation with coMra Wave technology while simultaneously improving the quality and structure of drinking water. This is not science fiction! Read on to find out how this technology works.

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WaveScientifically tested coMra Wave technology serves two functions:

  1. It offers a degree of protection from high frequency cellular and wireless radiation,
  2. It utilises the absorbed radiation to improve the quality and structure of water.

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On average, the coMra Wave provides a 25% reduction of the transmitted wireless radiation from the many electronic devices and signals in our environment, from mobile devices and laptops to RFID and satellite transmissions. It does not interfere at all with the correct operation of cellular or wireless devices.1

The radiation that is absorbed from wireless products is then used as a power source to re-process the received energy into a signature and pattern that can be used in the natural re-arrangement of the structure of water.


On a daily basis we are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from a host of wireless transmitting devices. Many scientific studies have, and continue to be conducted, to determine the health effects of these high frequencies on the human body and psyche. While scientific opinion is divided as to the long-term effects from exposure, clinical studies do suggest that daily exposure to ambient EMR contributes to lower energy levels, general fatigue, de-hydration and increased psychology strain.2-4 The extent of the effects of EMR exposure depends on each individual and their sensitivity to such radiations, the magnitude and exposure levels, and their current general health and well-being.

RADIATION AND POOR QUALITY WATERNatural water is called ‘structured’ or liquid crystalline water due to the hydrogen bonding between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms that gives water its polar characteristic. Due to its polar nature, water is also highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, which negatively alters the clustering structure of water molecules. Structured water is able to transport more energy and usable oxygen than ‘unstructured’ water. Through pollutants, additives, bacterial agents or simple stagnation or isolation, water can become unstructured and less energised. Even once it’s been cycled through man-made filtering or purifying processes, the original structure of the molecular bonds is not restored.5

The body uses water in many ways; for the hydration of cells, and for mediating the chemical balance throughout the body via the blood, and for inter-cellular chemical exchange. Consumption of contaminated or low-quality water is an ever-present threat to sustaining a balanced and energetic healthy lifestyle.


WavecoMra Wave technology has been invented to tackle these two problems simultaneously by combining the absorption of surrounding electromagnetic radiation to provide a degree of radiation protection, followed by the utilisation of this absorbed energy to activate structuring and thus increase the quality and energetic level of the water we consume, as well as the water within the human body.


All devices contain no moving parts and do not use a battery. There are 3 devices to choose from, depending on your needs:

comra wave cell

coMra Wave Cell

Designed for mobile phone, tablet, laptop – or any device that emits a communication signal – the coMra Wave is a truly unique dual-purpose device. Firstly, it offers a level of protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation; and secondly, it re-energises the water in your body, or any water containing structure within a 13cm radius.

comra wave cell

coMra Wave Coaster

The coMra Wave Coaster is, in essence, a coMra Wave Cell embedded in the same hard-wearing, food-grade silicone material with a surface area large enough for your glass, mug or bottle. It takes less than 10 minutes for the coMra Wave technology to re-energise one litre of drinking water.

comra wave cell

coMra Wave Pendant

Made from luxurious hand-polished zirconium ceramic, the coMra Wave Pendant is the pinnacle of the coMra Wave line.
With a double-sided finish (Black and White Pearl) and a pure silver clasp, the Pendant offers a unique and unisex impression, designed for everyday wear – on a chain, key fob or anywhere next to the skin. It provides the greatest level of protection out of all devices because of an additional quartz crystal layer, designed for a more effective imprint of harmonic wave forms back into your body. You can also use Pendant to hang inside water containing structures to energise your drinking water.

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