coMra laser therapy is an excellent support for physical exhaustion and fatigue. In this post we look at Universal Treatments 4 and 6 which provide systemic support for vitality, regeneration and recovery.

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Universal Treatments

The coMra Universal Treatments were created to increase systemic functional reserves and raise the overall state of well-being, thus enabling the body to handle the energetic demands of a particular health challenge. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions.

Read our coMra 101 Blog and How it Works: Coherent Multi-radiance Therapy Blog for more on how it works. If you missed the first post in our series on the Universal Treatments, read it here.

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Universal Treatment 4 – Somatic Biostimulation Routine 1

SOMATIC BIOSTIMULATION ROUTINEThis is an excellent protocol to use when you are physically exhausted or have been working physically very intensively. The treatment restores energy levels and increases your ability to recover quickly. During periods of fatigue and physical intensity, your body uses the energy it has to recover the functioning of the muscles to the detriment of other areas of functionality. By using coMra therapy, you are able to support the body with the additional energy reserves needed.

This treatment is typically used to support physical conditioning and is very effective when used as part of a physical training program, as it restores energy levels and initiates active recovery during periods of physical intensity. It is also used successfully for the treatment of chronic fatigue.1

For more details on how to apply the treatment please refer to the User Guide.

Universal Treatment 6 – Vitality

VITALITYThis treatment was created to support overall vitality and general well-being. It is a combination protocol consisting of Universal 4 (Somatic Biostimulation Routine 1) and Universal 3 (Blood). If you missed our previous post on Universal 2 and 3, read it here. It can be used as a treatment on its own or in parallel to other treatments.

Universal 6 is very versatile and is recommended for anaemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue, as well as for recovery from surgery or medication. It is excellent as a support for long-term health care and can serve as a good preventative measure for seasonal illnesses or during periods of high stress.2

Another area of very effective use is in the competitive sports arena where peak performance is key. For amateur or professional sports people who are looking to increase power and/or endurance, both Universal 4 and 6 provide that support in terms of increased oxygen supply to muscle tissue, a shift from anaerobic to aerobic metabolism, prevention of lactic acid build-up and overall stimulation of the body’s metabolism. For more information on how coMra therapy can be a valuable tool in optimising sports performance, read our post on Boosting Sports Performance.

The treatment spans 12 days with a 2 week rest period in between. For more details on how to apply the treatment please refer to the User Guide.