coMra laser therapy treats more than just pain. It is also highly effective for maintaining wellbeing as well as dealing with systemic issues. For example, coMra can be used to treat many heart conditions as well as high cholesterol. Health of the heart and the blood are fundamental to our overall health and optimal functioning. In this article we look at Universal Treatments 2 and 3 which provide systemic support in these key areas.

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Universal Treatments

The coMra Universal Treatments were created to increase systemic functional reserves and raise the overall state of well-being, thus enabling the body to handle the energetic demands of a particular health challenge. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 blog and How it Works: coMra therapy blog for more on how it works. If you missed the first post in our series on the Universal Treatments, read it here.

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Universal Treatments 2 – Heart

heartThis treatment was created to support the heart in its crucial functioning. Firstly, it will help with many cardiological conditions such as a weak heart, insufficient coronary blood flow, ischemic heart, arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, angina pectoris and many others. It is also highly effective for treating low immunity, high levels of bad cholesterol or periods of emotional stress.1
Regular application of the Universal 2 treatment will increase blood flow and even the growth of additional blood vessels to the heart, increasing and strengthening coronary blood flow. Therefore, the heart will have more energy to do its vital work and will function with less stress.

There is one important thing to note when applying this treatment:2

  • It is not recommended for patients who have had heart transplants, who have artificial mechanical valves or cardiostimulators. Although there is no clinical data indicating that coMra therapy would be detrimental, there is not yet enough research to verify safety for these patients.

Universal treatment-heartWhile this treatment is helpful for specific conditions, it is also excellent as a preventative measure during periods of emotional and physical stress or applied daily for increased energy. The Universal 2 treatment is also a core part of the preventative immunity treatment, as described in our blog on Preventative Immune Support.

For more details on how to apply the treatment please refer to the User Guide.

Universal Treatments 3 – Blood

red blood cellsBlood is the main communication tool and source of nutrition for the body and its health is fundamental to our overall well-being. Thus, Universal Treatment 3 is considered to be the core Universal Treatment and is essential in providing support and vitality. This treatment irradiates, in a safe and non-invasive way, the blood circulating through the body. It increases the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen, improves blood rheology, enhances microcirculation and biomodulates immunity.3

It is used to support the body in healing inflammation, anaemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue, as well as aiding the body when fighting viruses or toxins. Further effects and benefits include:4

  • The normalisation and stimulation of regenerative processes
  • Regulation of carbohydrate, fat, protein and intracellular bio-energetic metabolism
  • Red blood cells are energised, become more pliable and thus are able to move more freely in the body
  • Blood vessels are strengthened
  • Clotting and waste sediments are removed from the bloodstream

By cleaning and energising the blood, the body has more energy to direct towards the healing of organs or tissues that most need support.

For more details on how to apply the treatment please refer to the User Guide.


Michalis Gorgoris from Greece used his coMra device to treat psoriasis. He used treatment the DERMATOLOGY 1 treatment in combination with UNIVERSAL 3 (blood) and healed 70% of his skin infection and about 90% of the nail infection.5

Sotirios Galanopoulos, also from Greece, used his coMra device when he contracted the H1N1 virus in 2014. Using a combination of UNIVERSAL 3, OTORHINOLARYNCOLOGY 7, PULMONOLOGY 1 and direct treatments on the throat and larynx, he was able to prevent progression to Stage 2 of the illness and reached full recovery after 8 days from the first sign of symptoms, with no other treatments used. Friends, from which he’d contracted the virus, went through courses of antibiotics, anti-fever and anti-flu medication and still progressed to more severe stages of the illness, and recovered after 3 weeks.6