While many people initially use coMra laser therapy for specific conditions or injuries, one of the major benefits of the modality is overall systemic health and revitalisation. The 8 Universal Treatments have been specifically designed to aid the body in achieving optimum functioning and wellbeing.

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Universal Treatments

Health can be considered a state of balance or equilibrium of multiple, complex symptoms within the human body that an individual has established internally and between themselves and their social/physical environment. As mainstream science is beginning to discover, all the ‘separate’ body systems are completely interrelated and work together to maintain the overall health of the ‘whole’. We now know that there is a constant communication between the body’s systems and organs, and that this communication is a vital part of that state of being that we call “health”.1

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The Universal Treatments described in the coMra User Guide have been designed to support systemic bio-modulation on:

  • the immune system;
  • the central nervous system;
  • the peripheral nervous system;
  • the endocrine system;
  • the circulatory system and;
  • the digestive system.

These Universal Treatments increase systemic functional reserves and raise the overall state of well-being. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and (in the Delta) ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 blog and How it Works: coMra therapy blog for more on how it works.

Working with the Universal Treatments enables one to address health challenges at the earliest possible stages, even when there are no overt presenting symptoms. For example, one may feel a general weakness or reduced stamina, sleep disturbance, increased irritability, indigestion etc with no specific condition yet manifesting. These treatments provide the fuel needed (at a cellular level) to self-regulate and self-heal and to restore internal coherence within the overall intelligent system of the body.2

These ‘systemic’ treatment protocols are designed to support and restore functionality in the central nervous system, blood, organs, endocrine and lymphatic systems, and are used for chronic illnesses, boosting the immune system and as preventative medicine.

Universal Treatment 1 – Head

This treatment protocol addresses the well-being of the head and brain and associated conditions. It is possible to heal or control the symptoms of migraines and headaches, fainting, senile dementia, atherosclerosis and intracranial pressure. It is very effective for chronic migraines and headaches, issues with the eyes or vision as well as for restoring balance to cognitive systems, for example brain fog, dizziness or feeling faint.3


migraineA 42 year old Swiss woman had suffered from severe migraines for 20 years, was on high doses of pain medication and experienced very few pain-free days. After 2 weeks of daily treatments with the Delta laser, she noted improvements in her daily pain levels, and after 7 weeks was essentially pain free. Four months after she’d stopped treatment with the coMra Delta, she was still pain free.4

Dr Arzhan Surazakov, Head of Research & Development at Radiant Life Technologies, experienced first-hand the remarkable effects of coMra therapy for headaches. While on a mountain-climbing trip in the Andes mountains, he experienced altitude sickness which brought on a very severe headache, dizziness, nausea and exhaustion.

“I immediately treated myself with the coMra Delta Laser with an extended Universal 1 Head treatment (16 min) and Universal 3 Blood treatment (10 minutes). In about 5-8 minutes most of the pain was gone! My pain went down from 8 to 1 and I fell into a brief but very refreshing sleep. The fatigue, dizziness and nausea were almost gone, leaving only familiar muscle tiredness. In about two hours I had to repeat the treatment, because I started to feel the headache was about to return, but on the next day I was almost my normal self, without the usual payback for such an experiment on my body.”5

Be sure to follow our future posts as we investigate the other Universal Treatments that coMra therapy offers.