Is it possible to alleviate chronic pain without medication? Can severe illnesses be alleviated in a safe, non-invasive manner? With coMra therapy, these and many more issues can be effectively addressed. But how?

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What is coMra therapy?

coMra stands for coherence achieved through Modulation of different radiances and utilises the combined radiant properties of laser, colour, magnetism and ultrasound to provide an effective, drug-free pain treatment, stimulating cellular regeneration and repairing damaged tissue. It is a gentle and non-invasive method which anyone can learn to use safely.

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How does it work?

coMra therapy restores cellular energy: Simply put, coMra ‘recharges’ your batteries. The combined action of the infrared laser and magnetic field stimulates cellular metabolism, but more specifically it stimulates the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a universal fuel used by all cells for normal functioning. Diseased or unhealthy cells are not at optimum functioning level, either due to lack of oxygen, nutrients or energy, or through physical damage. So coMra therapy triggers the increased synthesis of ATP in the cells, thus encouraging the return to full functioning. And a healthy cell is designed to self-heal! So, the natural process of self-healing, that all our bodies are capable of, is restored and cellular and tissue regeneration can take place.

Not only does coMra therapy ‘energise’ the cells, it also aids in the increase of mitochondrial respiration, inhibits programmed cell death, reduces inflammation, stimulates neuron generation and growth of new blood vessels, and stimulates stem cell proliferation, migration and differentiation. The combined effect in the body results in a universal approach for injuries, various diseases as well as a preventative therapy.

How to treat yourself with coMra therapy

When treating many acute injuries or illnesses, such as sports injuries, it is often only necessary to treat the specifically affected area. This is a ‘local’ approach and is highly effective for straightforward injuries. When it comes to pain, serious disease or chronic conditions, a more comprehensive, systemic approach is usually required. These issues often arise over a period of time and then ‘suddenly’ present with pain or other negative symptoms. In these cases, multiple metabolic processes throughout the body have become impaired and disrupted, and therefore a broader treatment approach is essential. This would include the nervous and circulatory systems, immune and endocrine systems as well as tissues and organs.

Placement of the device

In-depth User Guide provides many treatment programs for a range of conditions and injuries. The device is placed directly onto your skin at the locations indicated by the User Guide diagrams.

The laser beam emitted by coMra devices is divergent and covers an area as wide as the device itself as it goes deeper into the body.

Time and frequency

Acute conditions, pain and physical injury can be treated as frequently as 4-5 times per day for the first few days and can then be reduced as necessary. coMra is completely safe and lengthy treatments do no harm. The User Guide offers clear guidelines for the duration and frequency of treatment per condition, but your own body will also be a guide.

Frequency settings

The devices can be set to several frequency settings:

  • 5 Hz is the frequency used for deep penetration – for treating the internal organs, blood and skeletal structure.
  • 50 Hz is the frequency often used when treating muscle disorders, injuries and ailments that are closer to the surface of the skin.
  • 1000 Hz mainly works on the skin and subcutaneous levels. It is used mostly for treating burns, open wounds, superficial ulcers, skin disorders.
  • The Variable Frequency setting (V), which varies intermittently between 5 Hz, 50 Hz and 1000 Hz, is used mostly for joints and bone fractures, larger wounds and infections.

Intelligent cooperation of the body

coMra therapy works to restore the naturally coherent systems of the body by applying “highly coherent forms of non-invasive energy directly to the cells and organs that are affected by a pathological process. As these cells restore their internal structure and function, they in turn take care of the disease and naturally resolve the symptom – be it pain, trauma, suppressed immunity and so on.1

The human body is a beautiful example of ‘intelligent cooperation’ in which the trillions of cells (and thus organs, systems, etc.) contained within it are able to operate coherently. coMra therapy works because it supports damaged or diseased areas of the body in a manner that recognises and facilitates the innate self-healing capacity of that body. Rather than trying to fix the body from the outside, coMra supports the body to do what designed to do: self-regulate, self-heal and thrive.

1 Arzhan Surazakov: