The Universal 8 Treatment is a comprehensive cleansing and regeneration program designed to support all organs, with a focus on the major organs of elimination. Read on to find out more on how to apply this treatment.

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The coMra Universal Treatments were created to increase systemic functional reserves and raise the overall state of well-being, thus enabling the body to handle the energetic demands of a particular health challenge. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 Blog and How it Works: coMra therapy blog for more on how it works. If you missed the first post in our series on the Universal Treatments, read it here.

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This Universal Treatment was designed to support any healing process occurring in the body. It assists in cleansing and detoxing – eliminating waste products and toxins. The treatment also provides the necessary energy for cellular and tissue regeneration, enabling the body to return to optimum functioning. Once the organs have sufficient energy, they can then begin rebuilding and repairing their natural functions which may have been affected or interrupted due to a depletion of resources/energy or blockages caused by inflammation.

It is important to note that coMra Therapy does not deplete the body during cleansing treatments. It actually provides the necessary energy required to support the body in its natural detoxification process. As with any cleansing/detox program, it is vital to take into account your diet and to ensure that you drink plenty of pure water to assist in the elimination process. Moderate and regular exercise will aid in improving circulation and will further support the process.


Uni8_1This treatment is a two-part program that must be done consecutively, and it takes a bit less than 20 minutes to apply. The recommended course is 12 days which can be extended up to 24 days depending on the desired result.

Allow 4 weeks rest before doing additional courses and repeat as often as necessary.

Be gentle with yourself during the cleansing process and observe yourself carefully for any signals that your body may be sending. Certain effects such as increased tiredness, skin rashes, nausea or headache may be noticed whilst the body is making use of the available energy provided during the treatment to expel toxins.

For optimum effect of this program, it is recommended that you avoid stress as much as possible and spend more time in nature. Minimize the usage of alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugar and trans-fats and eat more fruit, vegetables, and enough proteins and good fats for the body to have all the required “building blocks”. Once the body system has been cleansed it will return to its natural harmonious state.

For more details on how to apply the treatment please refer to the User Guide.


SUMMER DETOXStepping into longer days and an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, summer is a great time to detox and reset. Due to poor dietary factors, stress, fatigue and dehydration, a great deal of waste materials stay in the tissues and organs in the body. Over time, the presence of these built-up toxins can cause disease and even permanent damage. So, it’s a good idea to do regular cleanses and detox programs to allow your body a chance to restore balance and health.

By eating smaller quantities (or even no) food provides your body with the opportunity to cleanse itself from toxins and waste materials. There are many different approaches to fasting and detoxing, so do a bit of research to find out what might work for you. You may discover, as you begin the detox process, that you experience headaches, stomach aches, increased heart rate or even nausea. These are the signs that there are many toxins being released in your bloodstream and your organs are having difficulty dealing with them. The liver, spleen and kidneys particularly will experience extra pressure while the cells and the organs are releasing all these waste particles in the bloodstream.

The coMra Universal Treatment 8 (Complete Organ Treatment) supports the detox process by providing the organs of elimination with the additional energy they need. You can apply this treatment a week before the detox start date and continue during the detox itself. When you complete your detox, try to initiate new and healthy habits around your diet and overall consumption and lifestyle in a way that it will support your health and well-being in the future.