Treating Sports Injuries with coMra Therapy


Is chronic pain or injury preventing you from reaching peak athletic performance? Many athletes are turning to a highly effective way to treat sports injuries…

Treating Sports Injuries with coMra Therapy2021-03-01T18:06:22+02:00

Treating Back Pain with coMra Therapy


1 in 5 South Africans suffer from chronic pain, and 30.5% of these suffer from chronic back pain. But there’s a way to treat back pain that is offering hope to thousands…

Treating Back Pain with coMra Therapy2021-03-01T18:07:12+02:00

coMra Therapy for Treating COVID-19


Globally, COVID-19 is still very much a pressing concern. A recent journal article, co-authored by Dr Arzhan Surazakov1, looks at the role biophysical radiances can play in the treatment of COVID-19 and its long-term effects on the body.

coMra Therapy for Treating COVID-192021-03-01T18:14:14+02:00

Treating Diabetes and Neuropathy with coMra Therapy


Diabetic neuropathy and other diabetic symptoms can be debilitating to those suffering with the condition. coMra therapy provides several treatment protocols that effectively manage many diabetic symptoms as well as restoring key functioning to affected systems of the body.

Treating Diabetes and Neuropathy with coMra Therapy2021-03-01T18:14:47+02:00

coMra Therapy for Neuropathy


Neuropathy is a condition associated with significant psychological distress, physical disability and reduced overall quality of life. coMra therapy is able to effectively and gently treat the symptoms of neuropathy as well as any underlying conditions.

coMra Therapy for Neuropathy2021-01-13T13:39:00+02:00

coMra Therapy for Stroke Patients


Stroke patients are faced with many challenges in recovery. coMra Therapy can be used safely and effectively to aid in neuro-regeneration and restoring lost function.

coMra Therapy for Stroke Patients2021-01-13T11:33:51+02:00

New Study Shows the role of coMra Laser Therapy in Fighting COVID-19


The Head of Research and Development at Radiant Life Technologies, together with a Professor of Microbiology and Virology and a doctor specialising in laser therapy recently published a paper that suggests that this immune exhaustion is caused by an energy deficit in immune cells as a result of the body not having sufficient functional energy reserves to support the rapid rise of immune related energy expenditure.

New Study Shows the role of coMra Laser Therapy in Fighting COVID-192020-12-08T11:03:44+02:00

coMra Complete Organ Treatment


The Universal 8 Treatment is a comprehensive cleansing and regeneration program designed to support all organs, with a focus on the major organs of elimination. Read on to find out more on how to apply this treatment.

coMra Complete Organ Treatment2020-11-25T18:42:14+02:00

Benefits of coMra Therapy for Sports


Are you looking for that edge of advantage in your athletic or sports training? coMra therapy offers significant support to your physical and mental state that can enhance your training and performance.

Benefits of coMra Therapy for Sports2020-11-25T18:15:15+02:00

coMra Wave Technology


Reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation with coMra Wave technology while simultaneously improving the quality and structure of drinking water. This is not science fiction! Read on to find out how this technology works.

coMra Wave Technology2020-10-21T18:06:19+02:00

coMra Universal Treatments for the Nervous System


Our nervous systems are key in maintaining overall health and well-being. coMra laser therapy provides significant support for the neuroendocrine system which is vital for our physical, emotional and mental health.

coMra Universal Treatments for the Nervous System2020-10-21T17:22:15+02:00

Comra Universal Treatments for Vitality


coMra laser therapy is an excellent support for physical exhaustion and fatigue. In this post we look at Universal Treatments 4 and 6 which provide systemic support for vitality, regeneration and recovery. Read More

Comra Universal Treatments for Vitality2020-09-28T16:55:35+02:00

Treating Autoimmune Conditions with coMra Therapy


Nearly 4% of the world’s population is affected by one of more than 80 different autoimmune diseases. coMra therapy is a safe and effective supportive therapy for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Read More

Treating Autoimmune Conditions with coMra Therapy2020-09-28T16:25:19+02:00

Boosting Sports Performance with coMra Therapy


Are you looking to get a lot more out of your athletic or fitness training regime? coMra Therapy can assist in optimising your training and performance by speeding up your body’s recovery time. Read Read More

Boosting Sports Performance with coMra Therapy2020-09-01T10:37:16+02:00

coMra Universal Treatments for the Heart and Blood


coMra laser therapy treats more than just pain. It is also highly effective for maintaining wellbeing as well as dealing with systemic issues. For example, coMra can be used to treat many heart conditions Read More

coMra Universal Treatments for the Heart and Blood2020-12-15T12:26:14+02:00

coMra Universal Treatments and Headaches


While many people initially use coMra laser therapy for specific conditions or injuries, one of the major benefits of the modality is overall systemic health and revitalisation. The 8 Universal Treatments have been specifically Read More

coMra Universal Treatments and Headaches2020-07-24T08:04:58+02:00

coMra Therapy for Back, Hip and Shoulder Conditions


coMra is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective alternative to medication for treating back, hip and shoulder pain. This type of pain can be debilitating and is one of the top 10 diseases that Read More

coMra Therapy for Back, Hip and Shoulder Conditions2020-07-23T17:22:06+02:00

coMra Therapy for Pregnancy & Birth


Pregnant women and new Moms will be glad to know that coMra therapy offers amazing benefits for pregnancy and birth as well as post-partum recovery. coMra Therapy is a remarkable tool for pregnant mums Read More

coMra Therapy for Pregnancy & Birth2020-07-09T10:43:18+02:00

Treating Pain with coMra Therapy


Pain, whether chronic or acute, is a debilitating challenge for many. coMra therapy is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective treatment for pain. We look a little deeper into how this treatment can provide Read More

Treating Pain with coMra Therapy2020-07-09T10:51:20+02:00
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