coMra therapy for general use.

Dr Brom Showcases coMra’s Healing Benefits


Dr Bernard Brom, South Africa’s leading laser therapy practitioner, recently facilitated a 1-day coMra course. Find out why he calls coMra a “doctor in a box”.

Dr Brom Showcases coMra’s Healing Benefits2022-06-30T20:00:19+02:00

How coMra Supports Your Body and Promotes Health


In addition to treating locally, coMra has wider applications in promoting health and supporting the body’s own extensive healing abilities.

How coMra Supports Your Body and Promotes Health2022-06-30T20:03:03+02:00

Greater Self-Reliance through coMra therapy


In today’s world of increasing pollution, stressed lives and poor nourishment how do we build our immune systems? This question affects us all as individuals, as families and as communities. Find out how coMra therapy can encourage self-sufficiency as part of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Greater Self-Reliance through coMra therapy2022-06-30T20:04:40+02:00

Give Your Training a Boost with coMra


coMra is an excellent addition to your everyday fitness toolkit, to help you stay on top of your training and achieve your fitness goals.

Give Your Training a Boost with coMra2022-06-30T20:05:05+02:00

Boost Your Immune System with Help from coMra


If you’re feeling depleted after the December holidays, it’s probably a sign that your immune system needs a boost. The good news is, you can turn to coMra’s therapeutic Immunology treatments for support.

Boost Your Immune System with Help from coMra2022-06-30T20:06:10+02:00

Easing Pain and Strain with coMra Traumatology Treatments


If you’re struggling with pain or swelling in your muscles, joints, tendons or bones, the coMra Traumatology section includes some highly effective treatments to help relieve your symptoms.

Easing Pain and Strain with coMra Traumatology Treatments2022-07-29T14:15:00+02:00

coMra Treatments for Summer Holiday Health Complaints


The coMra Palm should be your #1 family first aid essential this holiday season. The Palm device is compact and easy to travel with, and can be used to treat all sorts of common holiday ailments and injuries.

coMra Treatments for Summer Holiday Health Complaints2022-06-30T20:07:27+02:00

coMra Therapy for Children’s Conditions


coMra therapy provides a simple but highly effective healing modality that can benefit your whole family, including babies, toddlers, children and teens. Find out how this painless, non-invasive treatment can boost your child’s health.

coMra Therapy for Children’s Conditions2022-06-30T20:07:40+02:00

REVEALED: The New coMra User Guide


We at the coMra team are proud to announce the launch of our latest User Guide. Find out what you can expect from this latest guide to coMra protocols.

REVEALED: The New coMra User Guide2022-06-30T20:07:59+02:00

coMra Therapy: Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Success Story


coMra’s low-level laser therapy treatments aren’t only beneficial for humans, but can also provide pain relief and healing for animals including pets and wildlife.1,2

coMra Therapy: Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Success Story2022-06-30T20:08:18+02:00

Welcome to coMra Therapy


Have you recently purchased your coMra Palm or Delta? Here are some useful starting points as you begin to explore the world of coMra therapy.

Welcome to coMra Therapy2022-06-30T20:20:31+02:00

Caring for Your coMra Device


Do you know how to best care for and clean your coMra device? Read on to ensure the ongoing, optimal functioning of your device through proper care.

Caring for Your coMra Device2022-06-30T20:20:54+02:00

Pet Health with coMra Therapy


Do you have an injured or sick fur-baby? coMra therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment for pets and animals.

Pet Health with coMra Therapy2022-06-30T20:22:28+02:00

coMra Complete Organ Treatment


The Universal 8 Treatment is a comprehensive cleansing and regeneration program designed to support all organs, with a focus on the major organs of elimination. Read on to find out more on how to apply this treatment.

coMra Complete Organ Treatment2022-06-30T20:24:37+02:00

Benefits of coMra Therapy for Sports


Are you looking for that edge of advantage in your athletic or sports training? coMra therapy offers significant support to your physical and mental state that can enhance your training and performance.

Benefits of coMra Therapy for Sports2022-06-30T20:24:47+02:00

coMra Wave Technology


Reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation with coMra Wave technology while simultaneously improving the quality and structure of drinking water. This is not science fiction! Read on to find out how this technology works.

coMra Wave Technology2022-06-30T20:24:55+02:00

coMra Wave Research Summary


The coMra Wave technology is a patented and scientifically tested approach to utilise background electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog to provide two beneficial functions. The first is to offer a degree of radiation protection from high frequency cellular and wireless radiation, and the second is to use the absorbed radiation for the improvement of the quality and freshness of water, and the consequent benefits to the health and vitality of the human body through the medium of water.

coMra Wave Research Summary2022-06-30T20:25:18+02:00

Water Dynamics


Natural water is part of a constant circulation system that forms a fundamental part of the Earth´s eco-system. There is constant cycle of re-generation of natural water surfacing from underground springs, which connect to rivers, and eventually to the sea. This natural cycle of water leads to a re-balancing of the water chemistry, which is best suited to the requirements of all living organisms all the way from single cell bacteria up to the human body.

Water Dynamics2022-06-30T20:25:29+02:00

Radiation Absorption – Certified Measurements


Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing according to European Commission standard EN 55022:2010 shows the amount of radio disturbance generated by information technology products in the region 9kHz to 400GHz, which includes cellular phones, Wi-Fi, and wireless computer equipment. The coMra Wave technology has been tested according to this standard by using two brand name cellphones with and without the coMra Wave Cell prototype.

Radiation Absorption – Certified Measurements2022-06-30T20:25:38+02:00

Radiation Absorption – and Structured Water


We have observed TWO major problems in our modern life style: In normal daily life we are exposed constantly to the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a host of wireless transmitting devices. Cellular phones, wireless networking, digital communications, RFID, TV broadcasts, and satellite transmissions all contribute to an enormous background of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies.

Radiation Absorption – and Structured Water2022-06-30T20:25:49+02:00

Comra Universal Treatments for Vitality


coMra laser therapy is an excellent support for physical exhaustion and fatigue. In this post we look at Universal Treatments 4 and 6 which provide systemic support for vitality, regeneration and recovery. Read More

Comra Universal Treatments for Vitality2022-06-30T20:25:58+02:00

Boosting Sports Performance with coMra Therapy


Are you looking to get a lot more out of your athletic or fitness training regime? coMra Therapy can assist in optimising your training and performance by speeding up your body’s recovery time. Read Read More

Boosting Sports Performance with coMra Therapy2022-06-30T20:26:20+02:00

How it Works: coMra therapy


coMra therapy has been helping thousands of people the world over treat chronic conditions of all types by boosting the energy of their cells. But is there scientific evidence to support this technology? In Read More

How it Works: coMra therapy2022-06-30T20:28:04+02:00

Empowering self-sufficiency with coMra Therapy


The global COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for greater self-sufficiency when it comes to personal health care. Hospitals are overloaded or reserved for COVID-19 cases, non-essential procedures are being cancelled and people are increasingly Read More

Empowering self-sufficiency with coMra Therapy2022-06-30T20:28:26+02:00

5 Key Benefits of coMra


coMra therapy offers many positive benefits from the treatment of acute pain or injury to chronic conditions. From over a decade of gathered data, we’ve identified 5 of the key benefits that are evident. Read More

5 Key Benefits of coMra2022-06-30T20:30:10+02:00

coMra Therapy 101


Is it possible to alleviate chronic pain without medication? Can severe illnesses be alleviated in a safe, non-invasive manner? With coMra therapy, these and many more issues can be effectively addressed. But how? Read More

coMra Therapy 1012022-06-30T20:30:26+02:00
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