Are you looking to get a lot more out of your athletic or fitness training regime? coMra Therapy can assist in optimising your training and performance by speeding up your body’s recovery time. Read on to find out more.

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Boosting Performance

When we do any form of regular physical training or activity, over time we build strength and agility. But how does this actually work in the body?

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It begins at the point where we push our bodies a little past ‘normal’, whether that be in strength, speed, agility etc. As a result, our bodies may feel a little ‘stretched’, tired or sore and we need some time to regenerate the weakened physical state to a state of full recovery. Once recovered, our bodies are now stronger, or more able, than before. Repeat this cycle, and you systematically build your physical (and mental) abilities.

Using coMra therapy as an integrated part of any training program allows that recovery period to shorten, thus speeding up the entire process.

In sport, you can immediately feel when you are low on energy and it naturally affects your training or performance. If you have more energy available, the more ‘work’ or training you can do and therefore the better your function. The better your function, the better your form becomes. And the better your form, the less you waste energy and you lower the chance of injury.

One of the benefits of coMra therapy is that it increases the body’s functional energy reserve. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 Blog and How it Works: Coherent Multi-radiance Therapy Blog for more on how it works.

Training and Performance Programs

training preparationThere are several protocols that have been designed specifically to support and optimise physical training and performance. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete or a dedicated gym-goer or even just someone who wants to increase their fitness and health, these programs offer great assistance.

Program 1 – Preparation: This protocol is an excellent way to prime the body prior to a training session or day of physical activity. It can be done early morning in preparation, or prior to an activity. It should be done daily through a training cycle or when needed as an ad hoc protocol.

Program 2 – Recovery: This protocol is used for support post-training or in between multiple same-day training sessions. It also aids in facilitating a good night’s rest, and as such can be useful prior to an important race or event. It re-invigorates body and mind.

muscle conditioningProgram 3 – Heavy Stress and Burnout: This protocol is especially useful for heat and cold related stress from outdoor activity. It is also a great support for the prevention of pre-competition jitters when done the night prior to the event, as it facilitates restful sleep and a more prepared body and mind. When used on days of heavy training after which one is stressed and emotionally charged from the physical activity, it can assist in achieving a more balanced emotional state of being.

Program 4 – Energy Booster: This short program is an excellent pick-me-up and re-energiser that can support in between training sessions or at any point when you need to be re-invigorated.

Program 5 – Muscle Conditioning: This protocol is primarily used for strength and weight training, or body building. It is also excellent when first beginning any form of physical training. The program is split into three groups: chest, shoulders & triceps; back & biceps; and legs. Apply according to your weight training day (before and/or after a training session), or to condition the muscle group/s used in your sport or activity. This protocol can also be done ad hoc and is particularly effective for optimised muscular work prior to a competitive event.

coMra therapy is an invaluable tool that can assist in creating a sustainable and healthy training and performance lifestyle, one where both fitness and health can be achieved without unnecessary stress or injury.

For more detailed information on these protocols, download the Training and Performance User Guide here.