Are you looking for that edge of advantage in your athletic or sports training? coMra therapy offers significant support to your physical and mental state that can enhance your training and performance. Read on to find out more. 

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coMra therapy is a highly successful treatment approach in the area of sports performance, and there are several treatment programs that have been specifically designed for enhancing recovery times, muscle conditioning and tissue regeneration, amongst others. If you missed our last post on Boosting Sports Performance, which details these programs, you can read it here.

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One of the benefits of coMra therapy is that it increases the body’s functional energy reserve. coMra therapy combines low-level laser therapy with the healing radiances of colour, magnetism and ultrasound to treat pain and many other conditions. Read our coMra 101 Blog and How it Works: Coherent Multi-radiance Therapy Blog for more on how it works.

Benefits of coMra Therapy for Sports Performance:1

  • The healing of sports injuries with coMra therapy is painless, non-invasive and fast
  • coMra therapy shortens the time necessary for regeneration of the body after performance
  • Combining with other rehabilitation techniques (e.g. massage, physiotherapy, etc.) coMra therapy multiplies their positive effects
  • coMra therapy effectively increases overall stamina, strength, and endurance of athletes

Based on the ongoing scientific research on the use of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) for recuperation, performance and healing in sports, the following benefits are noted:2

  • Better performance: less muscle fatigue, better ability to compensate for oxygen deficiency, more strength
  • Delaying muscle fatigue and enhancing muscle performance
  • Quicker recuperation after match/exercise or in between
  • Decrease of skeletal muscle damage and inflammation


Sports Aerobics

DenisaWorld and European champion, Denisa Barešová used coMra therapy in preparation for the 2012 World Championship of Sports Aerobics. She wanted to address an aching knee that was causing persistent problems even after rehabilitation procedures, to enhance and strengthen her entire system that was undergoing intensive training leading up to the championships and to benefit from the stress relief and mental balancing effects of the treatments. After combining several treatments in the 3 months before the championship, Denisa found that the painful knee improved until the pain was completely gone and did not return. Her endurance and stamina greatly improved and she was less tired and quicker to recover between training sessions, and her overall mental and emotional state was very positive and she was able to focus on her performance.

Locomotor Issues – Football

A Czech Sports Physiotherapist, Petr Kral, works extensively with professional footballers, who often suffer from chronic musculoskeletal problems. Conventional treatments are typically difficult and often do not produce significant results. In June 2011, he applied coMra therapy to 8 professional footballers with a variety of recurrent musculoskeletal problems, for the duration of 14 days. For all athletes, he noticed a significant improvement in their condition and reduction or complete disappearance of the symptoms of their chronic problems.

comra for sportsTorn Knee Ligaments – Rugby

Coenraad, from Cape Town South Africa, dislocated his knee in a rugby game. His ACL, PCL and MCL ligaments were completely torn through and the Meniscus Cartilage was torn all the way around. Doctors advised that he would only see significant improvement after 7 months recovery time, as it was one of the most severe injuries they’d seen. After a knee operation to re-attach the ligaments, Coenraad began using coMra in combination with a disciplined physio routine. He experienced very little pain during the recovery process and his physio was very impressed at his rate of recovery. After only 5 months, he was walking and cycling normally, with very little discomfort.

coMra therapy is an invaluable tool that can assist in creating a sustainable and healthy training and performance lifestyle, one where both fitness and health can be achieved without unnecessary stress or injury.

For more detailed information on these treatment protocols, download the Training and Performance User Guide here.

Watch our latest video in which Alexander Hevia, former pro-athlete and consultant coach, speaks about the benefits of coMra therapy from his own experience and how he believes it can provide the edge for any amateur or professional athlete.