Your coMra device can be a valuable cosmetic tool, thanks to the Vitality treatments which boost the production of collagen to firm, soften and rejuvenate your skin. 

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coMra is known for its ability to treat a variety of injuries and medical conditions, but it can also be a valuable cosmetic tool, thanks to the Vitality treatments included.

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Vitality protocols are ideal for beauty and skin rejuvenation treatments.1 They work to improve the production of collagen2 – an important protein naturally found in your body, which acts as a ‘building block’ for skin and other tissues, including the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.3

Collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, so better collagen production means firmer, younger-looking skin.3

coMra combines infrared laser and enhanced ultrasound with magnetic and light therapy.2 This makes it an effective, non-invasive and painless tool for boosting collagen and rejuvenating your skin.4

You can use Vitality treatments for a variety of beauty and skincare treatments:2

  • Treating acne and rosacea
  • Reducing stretch marks and cellulite
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes
  • Softening the skin
  • Making the skin firmer and more supple



For best results, follow these beauty and skincare protocols when you have time to sit down and relax. For example, use on freshly cleansed skin after a shower before going to bed.1


Follow these steps slowly and gently:

  • Run across the surface of your forehead for 2 minutes @ 1000 Hz.
  • Run across one half of your face, including your nose and lips, for 5 minutes @ 1000 Hz.
  • Repeat on the other side of your face.
  • Run across one half of your neck for 2 minutes @ 1000 Hz.
  • Repeat on the other side of your neck.
  • Run over each half of your neck again, for 2 minutes @ 50 Hz.

Use this 20-minute beauty protocol once daily for firmer-looking skin and a refreshed complexion.


face and neck

  • Place one hand flat on a table surface, with the fingers slightly spread.
  • Slowly and gently run across the back of your hand and finger, including the thumb, for 5 minutes @ 1000 Hz.
  • Repeat for 5 minutes @ 50 Hz.
  • Repeat these steps on your other hand.

To treat skin blemishes, apply over the affected area and surrounding skin for 5 minutes @ 1000 Hz.

Treat skin blemishes once daily for improved appearance over time.


Beauty and More with coMraBecause of their rejuvenating effects, coMra Vitality treatments are also beneficial for musculoskeletal conditions.1,5,6 For example, the NEUROLOGY 13: MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY protocol targets key muscle groups around the body.1

Find full instructions for all coMra protocols in the latest User Guide.

Vitality is also useful for treating a variety of sports injuries. You can use it to stimulate the repair of torn muscles, tendons and ligaments, and even improve the healing process of broken bones.2

NOTE: coMra is a powerful modality. The uses described above are those recommended by the coMra User Guide. Experience over 10 years has shown that in the case of most chronic conditions, treatments can also be spread out to once or twice per week, without taking the breaks outlined in the guide.


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