What advice do the experts have to share about using coMra devices? This live Q&A session offers some great insights about coMra therapy.

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What advice do the experts have to share about using coMra devices? Garrett Murrin, from the North American Sales division of Radiant Life Technologies, and Dr Arzhan Surazakov PHD, Head of Research and Development, recently hosted a live Q&A session to answer some frequently asked questions about coMra therapy.

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Watch the video here: Question and Answer live session for all things coMra.


During the webinar, Garrett and Dr Arzhan offered advice on how to get the best out of the coMra User Guide. Arzhan discussed how to approach various diagnoses and determine which coMra protocols to use, and for how long.

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Essentially, there are three key ways that a coMra device can be applied:

  • Local: Used at a specific location of injury, pain or other symptoms.
  • Connecting organs: Used at multiple locations around the body.
  • Systemic: Universal protocols provide systemic support when the entire body (or system of the body) is affected.

Watch the full video to learn more about coMra protocols for:

  • Glaucoma and eye diseases;
  • Post-Covid and post-vaccine treatments;
  • Degenerative disk disease;
  • Thyroid issues.

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coMra therapy supports the body in its own healing. coMra does not kill diseases but rather supports your body’s natural immunity and healing ability. The therapy is all about providing the best support for your body, strengthening your natural defences, and allowing them to work at full capacity.

For example, in an exhausted patient undergoing chemotherapy, coMra treatment improves sleep quality and appetite, reduces pain, and allows body to rest and build resources.


The coMra specialists also took time to answer a few user questions during the webinar.

Q: Can I use coMra more frequently than specified in the User Guide?

A: Yes. You can use coMra in a way that works best for you and fits into your daily life. That means you can break up the treatments into multiple short sessions throughout the day, as needed. You cannot hurt yourself or ‘overdose’ by using too much coMra therapy.

Q: Can I use coMra for longer than specified in the User Guide?

A: Yes. It’s important to listen to cues from your body, which may tell you that you need to adjust your treatment over time. Note that if you increase the duration of a treatment, drop the duration of the time spent on each treatment point.

Q: Is it possible to regenerate cartilage with coMra therapy?

A: Yes. Most people notice symptomatic relief and improved range of motion after 2-6 weeks. Cartilage regeneration happens with long-term continued use, (up to 2 years). This means you should keep doing your coMra treatments after you reach your initial goal.