coMra therapy offers many positive benefits from the treatment of acute pain or injury to chronic conditions. From over a decade of gathered data, we’ve identified 5 of the key benefits that are evident.

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5 Key Benefits

1.Pain Relief

One of the first benefits that coMra users experience from the therapy is relief from pain. Everything from acute pain such as broken bones and bruises to chronic pain such as arthritis, migraines and Multiple Sclerosis. Relief may be felt within minutes to hours after application and is often long-lasting. Laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation, whereby photons enter the tissue and “trigger a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and a decrease in both pain and inflammation.1 A significant advantage of laser therapy is that it reduces pain without undesirable side effects.

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An example of the efficacy of laser treatment using coMra therapy comes from a gentleman in Knysna who injured his right shoulder in a skiing accident about 40 years earlier. It had given him constant pain ever since the injury. Over the years, he saw many specialists, but found no relief from the pain. Six weeks after he started using coMra therapy, the pain resolved.

2.Improvement of general well-being

People with chronic conditions typically find that as early as the 3rd treatment their overall well-being improves as well as the specific symptoms they have been targeting. They find that they can sleep better, healthy digestion begins to be restored and their overall energy levels steadily increase. This is due to the systemic effect of coMra therapy and its ability to assist the body in returning to a state of intelligent coherence.


A coMra user in Canada suffering from chronic insomnia had this to say: “I could not sleep for two months, I dreaded evenings. I walked in the city for hours in a row, for I could not sleep, it was brutal. coMra resolved this condition for me after three weeks of treating myself twice a day, following the Universal 5 recommended treatment from the User Guide. 

3.Recovery of functionality of diseased organs

A third benefit that coMra users find is the recovery of organ and system function, for example overall improvement in neurological or digestive system. Due to the cascade effect of cellular self-regulation, while the treatments may begin in specific areas and at the cellular level, as structures and processes self-heal at this level, so this effect ripples out into tissues, organs and body systems.

A notable case study reports of a woman who had suffered from 4 years of severe abdominal pain, bleeding after menses, ovarian cysts, sleep disturbance, depression (for 15 years) and constipation. The coMra therapy treatment that was applied was as follows:

  • Every 2 days for 12 treatments, followed by a 10 day break and then a further 6 treatments.
  • Settings: 10 minutes on the Variable frequency, 10 minutes at 5Hz on the Uterine area, along with Universal 5 and Carotid arteries (1 min each).

After 12 treatments, her pain reduced from 8 to 2 on the pain scale (with a remaining small amount of discomfort before menses which is fairly common).

After the 10 day break and further treatments, the following improvements were reported:

  • Sleep disturbance improved and sleep aids were decreased
  • Bowel movements improved and medication was stopped
  • Pain was reduced and pain medication was no longer required
  • Menses cycle stabilised to 4-5 days instead of 10-12 days
  • Left ovarian cyst reduced in volume by 38%
  • Right ovarian cyst reduced in volume by 30%

4.Tissue regeneration

comra palmStem cells are cells that have the ability to grow and mature and then replace a damaged cell. Using coMra we are able to support this natural, healthy process of tissue regeneration and furthermore, to aid in speeding up the process to allow the body to recover damaged tissues and organs, cartilage and even bones to a degree. As one example, there has been significant improvement in stroke patients.

Colin, from South Africa, had an Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction as a result of a Horse Jumping accident. For the first 2 weeks, he used the coMra device set at 1000 Hz for 1 min daily over the entire area. He then changed to the Variable frequency setting for 5 mins over the entire shoulder and under arm, and continued with this daily. After 6 weeks, Colin had this to report: “Not only have the surgical cuts healed so well but after a sonar on my shoulder the ligaments and tendons have progressed to what would have typically been 3 months’ worth of ‘normal’ healing.”

5.Rebalancing of immune, neuro and endocrine systems

A systemic approach has far wider health benefits than when the sole focus of any healing technology is confined to one area of treatment alone. Through its actions over different areas, coMra therapy provides support for the regeneration of cells and tissue and assists in normalising metabolic functions.

coMra therapy’s systemic treatments are designed to target one or more of the following interconnected metabolic processes within the body;

  1. Cellular Regeneration

  2. The Immune System

  3. The Central Nervous System

  4. The Blood

  5. The Organs

As a result, all systems in the body have the opportunity to return to balance and optimum functioning.

A further advantage of coMra therapy is that because the radiances are low intensity they are entirely safe to use in both a home and professional environment.

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