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We bring updates and news on a regular basis as well as the latest information of the development of coMra therapy.

Greater Self-Reliance through coMra therapy

In today’s world of increasing pollution, stressed lives and poor nourishment how do we build our immune systems? This question affects us all as individuals, as families and as communities. Find out how coMra therapy can encourage self-sufficiency as part of a holistically healthy lifestyle.

How to Relieve Neuralgia and Neuropathy Pain with coMra

Neuropathy is a common, painful and potentially debilitating condition that many people live with, and coMra therapy offers a non-invasive, pain-free and drug-free solution to help treat various types of neuropathy, neuralgia, and nerve pain.

coMra Therapy for Mental Health Management

In the midst of a global mental health crisis, medical research is showing how low-level laser therapy can help to combat depression and anxiety and boost your brain’s overall health.

Boost Your Immune System with Help from coMra

If you’re feeling depleted after the December holidays, it’s probably a sign that your immune system needs a boost. The good news is, you can turn to coMra’s therapeutic Immunology treatments for support.

coMra Therapy for Children’s Conditions

coMra therapy provides a simple but highly effective healing modality that can benefit your whole family, including babies, toddlers, children and teens. Find out how this painless, non-invasive treatment can boost your child’s health.

REVEALED: The New coMra User Guide

We at the coMra team are proud to announce the launch of our latest User Guide. Find out what you can expect from this latest guide to coMra protocols.


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